Monthly Archives: June 2011

life..thru the lens of experience

life… What is life… We all try each day each time to find out truly what life is.. To some life’s just like a game of a soccer.. U either play rough or smooth but u set aside a goal. No matter how u play the only aim of the game is get urself a goal. Life’s just simple like that. You may not be a football champ but u necessarily need not even be a fool so as not to understand a simple philosophy of life and that is to “Survive” live and secure a living. Much like the game eh!

We strive hard each day to earn a living. Such is a cycle of life when u reach a point where u live not just for you but u have got a additional support for you. U are the dependent source for others. You are a head of a family. And then there’s a retirement. Retirement from all things..but not from life. Because we may still not know where it might take us. Is there gonna be an end or is there any other adventure waiting for us

Old age comes with a form of rest. But as the law of nature goes “everything comes to an end”. Be it a movie, a soccer game, vacations or at the most higher hierarchy ur life. Each things come with an end. So what matters is not what u have done for you but what difference did your living make.