Counting in "DAYS"!!!!

The time when i post this blog i am 8459 + days old.i have learnt this beautiful way of expressing my life. A day comes in a natural cycle. filled with a morning, noon and night which makes it a cycle. i have survived, lived and learnt something new in 8459 cycles of life.if i remember it would be easy for me to recall incidents happening in days rather i can think of all those occurings in year.

Also it is good when i see that i have lived 8459 days rather than say 23 yrs. i could plan ahead in days and have a thinking that i still have 1000 more days and 1000 more oppurtunities lie ahead. never should i feel low for any wrong i do today thinking that there is tomorrow and i would reckon a chance to do something afresh tomorrow.

i’ve never been good enough to write a poetry but still i am writing this depicting the beautiful nature of my life
I’ve seen the life in months and days
i’ve lived the life in my own ways
i’ve been bright like the sun rays
i’ve been living life with the gainsays 

life’s been dramatic like stage screenplays
life’s been thrilling like the swordplays
life’s gave me path like the highways
life’s gave me lessons like the failed essays

Strange is the way how life plays
but still i lean and prays
of all those miserable yesterdays
i still look forward to a good today

there has been many joyous birthdays
there has been sad part ways
whatever be the halt and delays
i have lived life each and every day

so to those who wish to calculate your number of days click here


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