The "Beautiful" Brain

 And now my thoughts actually ponder on the source of all thoughts….”Brain”
 I clearly have to admit that there is certainly an advantage as well as a blessing to actually have a Brain which can remember the good ride we had on a holiday but not the “Please God help me find my car key aftermath”. This is very much the same as relationships. I mean we remember those great moments of intimacy love and passion with great ease while those sleepless nights on a bed with enough room to park a car is nothing but a dim memory. Also during exams we can easily remember that how good the exam would have gone but not those sleepless nights and those in numerous cups of coffee enough to make your room a cafe shop for a night.
Anyways my point is that the Brain has to be automatically designed to remember more leisure than pain. To cherish all good times we would have had and to actually dismiss the bad.  The brain actually is hard wired to push the organism towards more of pleasure and to get away from pain. In that way we can make ourselves happy and failures might be treated as just a lesson learnt to devoid us pain and make us happier.
The image above has nothing much to do with the context of writing but just sharing it to give each of us a second of humor and ease and yes!! I am a Simpson fan. Cheers!!!

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