And it Rained…

Sometimes all rain can bring to someone’s mind is A vision of relationship you had, U might have or you currently have!! Sitting by the window seeing the rains falling down and I thought Something weird, something more of a question which is not yet answered and as the rains got harder the quest to find an answer to the question becomes more easier!! yes its true sometime simple things are enough to find answers to complex Questions….

Like A rain
You are always waited
Your absence can kill me
Your Presence ignites me
Your effect has the power to destroy
Before It Rains
I eagerly await you
Just like those crops and the famine lands
And I knew you would wash away
Of all my tiredness & loneliness
When it Rains
Reminds me of those Hideouts
we look to stay away
And yet I Pray
That this rain never stops

After It rains

I know It ain’t over
I will see you soon
You leave your mark
Like the smells of the ground


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