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In pursuit of life

There are stuffs we do,
Only to mock us;
There are Games we play,
Only to hurt us.
We love with passion & intensity,
& we hate the same way.
We laugh till the eyes are in tears,
& cry with Sadness the same way.
We travel far in pursuit of knowledge,
& yet we are ignorant in a way.
These are the things we do,
to be happy in our lives.
These are the way we fight,
to be good to ourselves

Where Insomnia is a habit……

This is normalcy…yes, I say that to myself when I am always awake at wee hours of night.. Sometimes I start visualising my future or at times I see flashbacks of my life being proud of some decisions I made while rerouting some. Rarely I come upon a blog to read and which is a first of a kind I am writing one  about it.

Expecting I would write a poetry out of it…I delibrately stare at those skies & stars in the sky. What could I possibly bake into a poem.. Dark Black Skies, Bouncy clouds of cotton or those milky stirred moons.

Never the less putting up the keys to work & fingers in action…. Starting from this post of mine some time back.

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“I visualize a certain darkness in the room… A certain numbness & then i see a chip of light from a crack which becomes clear & eventually more clear after some time,


Even though i close my eyes, the clarity neither changes, increases nor decreases. It is to stay there like forever & ever.


I move in & out with heavy breathing when the entire galaxy of stars come upon me & its not sleep but a wait,


An unfair observation and those twilight of characters.
and then that fades off eventually, and all I am left with is the space which it occupied


And now I see that chip of light, now making more sense making it vulnerable more physical


Announcing the safety & the comfort of what it is to beckon me with…..

Book Review — Metroland

Metroland. Julian BarnesMetroland. Julian Barnes by Julian Barnes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is Just amazing that how the randomness of a certain event leads us to experience another event in relation to it. I somehow recall first the month of Jan this year where I coincidentally happen to go to a book store due to a power failure. So had the power not failed or had a british reader not recommended the book “The Sense of an ending” or had I did not see the entire work by Julian Barnes the probability of me reading this book would have been minimal.

Julian Barnes in this book tells us the Story of two Boys/Lads/Teenagers/Men through different ages of Life. It’s not a story so most of the readers will never say they liked the story but for me its the period of life that worked with me. I absolutely loved reading their Adolescent age but was also equally hooked with Chris Life in Paris. Chris first Sexual experience, His first Love, his first break up leading to his marriage, his conflict with Tony was saddening part of the book & that’s where the Writer slowly loses the grip but all’s well that end well. The Object Relations at the end of every stage of life was equally enjoyed & gave the book a depth, an inner meaning, an insight of tony on how he looks back at the time that went by.

The book usually worked for me because of the equal combination of Wit & Philosophy. Julian Barnes is one of those authors who knew about the Human Nature early on. Easily this has to be among the best debut novel of a writer. The books works wonders in provoking class, interest and above all provokes thought in every minds and a thought to Ponder!