Where Insomnia is a habit……

This is normalcy…yes, I say that to myself when I am always awake at wee hours of night.. Sometimes I start visualising my future or at times I see flashbacks of my life being proud of some decisions I made while rerouting some. Rarely I come upon a blog to read and which is a first of a kind I am writing one  about it.

Expecting I would write a poetry out of it…I delibrately stare at those skies & stars in the sky. What could I possibly bake into a poem.. Dark Black Skies, Bouncy clouds of cotton or those milky stirred moons.

Never the less putting up the keys to work & fingers in action…. Starting from this post of mine some time back.

Image Source: google (Photo Credit: Unknown)

“I visualize a certain darkness in the room… A certain numbness & then i see a chip of light from a crack which becomes clear & eventually more clear after some time,


Even though i close my eyes, the clarity neither changes, increases nor decreases. It is to stay there like forever & ever.


I move in & out with heavy breathing when the entire galaxy of stars come upon me & its not sleep but a wait,


An unfair observation and those twilight of characters.
and then that fades off eventually, and all I am left with is the space which it occupied


And now I see that chip of light, now making more sense making it vulnerable more physical


Announcing the safety & the comfort of what it is to beckon me with…..

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