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The Last Kill: Part 2

                                                        Character Identification: Allen

“Even the Bravest of men with tough arm have a soft heart”. For Allen it was always extremes when it comes to living his life. A life devoid of love and filled with Pain for he knew that soon a day would come where he would sacrifice this hardships for a beautiful tomorrow. He just wished when that happens the time freezes instantly so that he could live his hard years completely again in a more beautiful way.

But then even the bravest Soldiers with a heart of a lion will be paralysed by fear. A fear so vivid, so radiant that it would shape the future of his life.


Surrounded by a Beautiful valley of Mountains, Rivers and some amazing Flowers stood Allen a Lt. Colonel then in awe of beauty and Pride of being given an Opportunity to serve his country. He had withstand many hardships many Failures to reach this phase of life where he could have been contended with what life had given him.


Whenever he would get a chance he would start writing about his experiences in a Diary. A diary filled with his secrets and Darkness of Youth which he did not want to be remembered again. 

Excerpt from Diary…Page 3

“As a child I would often believe in fairy tales. Those stories which i grew up listening would somehow not fall in the correct place. I would listen to ma talking of an old rip van winkle that would sleep for as long as 20 yrs in some old days. How I wish I could have slept throughout those 20 yrs of my early days. Something I would have surely been happy of. But life teaches lessons of its own and sometimes the simple lessons of life would come from miseries and pain.

My mother was never afraid of the afterlife. Of what is death after all? Where the soul leaves the weak body so that it doesn’t endure the suffering. But all she was afraid of was the death which was imminent because of her lifelong of family sufferings which she have seen throughout her life. Her brother died of some cancer some decades ago, probably the time when the cure for the disease was not found and also the death of my father was before her. She would often hold me tight whenever I was to go away from her. Be it the school days where she would hold me tightly in her arms and would often talk about distinct possibility of not seeing her again or of those tiring long nights where she would often be awake ensuring I slept in peace which i thought was just to express her unconditional love.”


Today Allen is a wanted criminal accused of Murdering his Brigadier,  bombing his own Squad of Soldiers and now a Killer who has this one last task to do to clear his name from all records. 


The Last Kill — Part 1


Am I alive???


These were the first thoughts when Allen woke up from his sleep. He laid on a bed and his mind was continuously racing with the reality. Was it the dream or a dark distinct Reality? He started to observe the surroundings now thinking if that could give him an idea of where exactly he was.. Allen He checked on his watch and the time was just 10 mins to 6 in the evening. Everything around him was white. He could see many people around him, everybody Alien. Just a minute observation was sufficient for him to know he was in a Hospital!


Yesterday: 18 hrs Earlier…


“I am not gonna shoot somebody I don’t know”… Allen said in a commanding manner to Charlie whom he met just hrs ago on a train. Charlie was little pleased with the way Allen was behaving to him. You see Charlie taking a life has never been my area of Interest. Charlie almost was amazed by the mere mention of those words. Come on Bro you do feel little upset but you need to remember that Passion is never destroyed. Its just about time everything would be alright, Let me put it this way. Have that kill and the deal shall be finished. You go home a happy man and me I will be contended. with whatever you did, I am definitely not that type of Person who finishes with a Happy ending.


Killing is an art which never grows Old, said my master once Allen. Of all you need to focus on the guy now your subject your main opponent. His name is Peter and he shall be coming by this route tomorrow morning at exactly the same time.  After he finishes his morning work he takes this route to go see his lawyer everyday. Allen just asked out of curiosity. But why a Lawyer? Well my sources close to him says his relationship with his wife has never been nice. Always fighting and he’s sure his wife is cheating on him. So you have your chances when he cross the Ring Road as its always empty and your chances of killing him and running away increases to One- Hundred Percentage. You kill him and come to me I shall be waiting for you in the place where we are standing right now. The Ritchie Street and we shall set the deal which was promised to you. Allen was convinced in the plan which was said to him and he knew he would hit the Jackpot once the work is finished. And all he had to do now was stay calm and finish this one Job which was his doorway to life. He knew this night would be the longest in his life.

Of those Many Little Things

“Past is gone, Present is a gift & future is Uncertain”.I shall put it this way or may be say I am living in now. Pretending that tomorrow’s gonna be a better day. Well for starters I do wish at times that tomorrow shall be a day where there’s no guilt, no sorrow, no repentance or no grief with my Past. no Grief that what I could do today, no grief of what I could have done in the Past.

There are untold words
Which I need to say
There are beautiful moments
Which I need to replay

There were amazing times
Which I need to rewind
There were some people
Who I wish were kind

There were things
which i needed to Change
There were Friends
Which I wish were never strange

There are memories
Which needs to be erased
There are dreams
Which needs to be chased

There were So many things
Which Is filled with regret
There are so many things
Which I now wanna complete.

O Potato! Where art thou been!

A vivid memory, A lost Vision, A long forlorn thought! Ever since I can think of my childhood, some early part of my teens & as well as my later part i was actually unable to decide why i never ate potatoes, or anything mildly even connected to it! Not that i tasted any time and threw away my dishes declaring to the world hence from now I shall never eat a potato!

The best part of writing is an ability to create a world, a situation or as of now an explanation! This is a article i am writing out of senses, in a semi sleep so do excuse my urge to write about it. As some great men have said it “The Man who has no imagination has no wings”

Sometimes even writing nonsense should be advisable. It awakens those sleepy brain cells which are in a deep limbo of thoughts and have refused to wake up! Fantasies are important too.. Making us look through the wrong end of telescope and laughing at some real hard realities of life.

I could sketch an ocean Blue
Or could paint & faint
I could ring the bell to tell
nothing rhymes with potato

The base the ball
the fiery volcanic ash
The Sun the trees the mighty ocean waves
nothing rhymes with potato

I write about the life
I write about the sonnet
that i listened back the days but
nothing rhymes with potato

There is a clue to the blue
the blow to the show
A lazy to the Crazy but
nothing rhymes with Potato

And then I see a Tomato
Shiny, red and Fresh
I am happy that finally
something rhymes with the Potato!

Swim To Glory!

“HOPE”…… four small words but one big responsibility. If only dreams were an indication of a distant future I would never strive to live again for its the competition and thirst for some certain victory that derives my survival factor…The light was dull
yet the dream was full
The wait was Long
just like a Good Song.

She seeks her goals
like a predator
She can see her victory in dark
like an owl

This was the day she waited
ever since she believed
This was the moment she saw
in her half conquered dream.

The stage was set
The dream was real
The moment of anxiety
was that to fail…

This small poem dedicated to “Jazz” and hopes she finishes the remaining part of the poetry through her happy words! All the best & yeah on this note HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU………………