O Potato! Where art thou been!

A vivid memory, A lost Vision, A long forlorn thought! Ever since I can think of my childhood, some early part of my teens & as well as my later part i was actually unable to decide why i never ate potatoes, or anything mildly even connected to it! Not that i tasted any time and threw away my dishes declaring to the world hence from now I shall never eat a potato!

The best part of writing is an ability to create a world, a situation or as of now an explanation! This is a article i am writing out of senses, in a semi sleep so do excuse my urge to write about it. As some great men have said it “The Man who has no imagination has no wings”

Sometimes even writing nonsense should be advisable. It awakens those sleepy brain cells which are in a deep limbo of thoughts and have refused to wake up! Fantasies are important too.. Making us look through the wrong end of telescope and laughing at some real hard realities of life.

I could sketch an ocean Blue
Or could paint & faint
I could ring the bell to tell
nothing rhymes with potato

The base the ball
the fiery volcanic ash
The Sun the trees the mighty ocean waves
nothing rhymes with potato

I write about the life
I write about the sonnet
that i listened back the days but
nothing rhymes with potato

There is a clue to the blue
the blow to the show
A lazy to the Crazy but
nothing rhymes with Potato

And then I see a Tomato
Shiny, red and Fresh
I am happy that finally
something rhymes with the Potato!


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