The Steps to Inferno

When two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And you took a leap of faith
Only to perish to darkness in Satan’s grave
As you unlocked the doorway to hell.
Perished and Chained to the last flesh of your body
You walked along the dark pathways
With a large stick of fire in your hand to guide you
You had no idea where you were going.
There was no way in or out of this tormented inferno
Your room is silent, Scary and dark
You walk around, run around and still you reach nowhere
An inexistent space of nothingness.
The world around you is collapsing now like a shattered dream
For this is not your reality
Then you hear her voice as soft as a birds feather
Which brings you smile
You run towards her and give her one tight hug
Like you were lost somewhere
Glad that you are found, you promise never to leave her
For he dreamt of his world without his love.

The Above post is just a visual illustration of our lives without a feeling of Love. Although the topic of today’s prompt was a simple “Love is”. I had this vision suddenly and somehow stitched the worlds together into a post. And then I went back to the prompt and wanted to write something more about today’s topic. So here are 4 additional lines:

Love is a magical feeling which induces rhythm Music and Poetry
Love is like that magic wand that can make your world beautiful
Love is like that whirlpool can turn your hell into a paradise
Love is like that glowing sun that can turn darkness to light.

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