While they Split…

The sun was high, waiting for my dream to end
A dreamland where words rest and memories play.
The dream was dark yet her image in it was bright
Glowing with the imagination of her dark sultry memories
Embedded deep into the darkest corner of my heart
was a memory beating hard and keeping me alive
Turning the burnt pages of my past was a present
which would strangely be my most haunting memory ever
Lets sail to the end of the sea O love for the last time
Holding hands, exchanging hugs and kissing wild
Lets burn the worldly desires in the earth so deep
and freeze in the coldness of the love that shattered it.
The Sun is high, the dream is empty and my sleep is over
lying in my room throughout that harsh month of loneliness
her fragrance is everywhere embedded deep into my soul
How I wish I erased an entire tale of those memories within me.
A month has gone and those two glass of wine lies in dust
A tale has finished and the memories of it can’t be deleted
She left me only to never return to the place we called our own
And I followed her on a solitary journey to the lands of snow.


The nights are spent in loneliness in remembrance
Time has welted her red heart to grey
There was a lie when he said He’d love forever
Of broken promises that never should have been made
Those false words cuts more deeper than a knife would
It produces an ache so deep that you cant reach
Your love was like a sad song, which I will take to my grave
I am searching for peace, which is too hard to find.
The storm that’s unsettled blows sands of sorrow into my eye
With a desperate attempt to make me cry, I close my eyes
I now pray for the rain that would hide all traces of pain
And wait for this storm to pass to carry all memories along
I used to say cute words but now I weigh each of my word
This depression is a parasite, which eats away my consciousness
For how deep I bury myself, there is no cure by alcohol
I fill those silent places with music now and lit candles for company
A month has gone and now this heart is sync with the snow outside
A tale has ended and there is a little hope that she would live again
She still dreams of going to the place they called their own
And there is hope that she would see him again in the land of snow.

This is an extension of the Poem I attempted Two Days Back “And they Split”. I only hope I was able to do justice to this style of writing,


2 responses to “While they Split…

  • ladynimue

    loved the first part a lot.
    second one needs little work .. or may be i was in total he – she post of yours .. so felt a little disconnect

    but HE part .. loved it !!

  • snlkc

    I feel a good connect with these lines today –

    Lets sail to the end of the sea O love for the last time
    Holding hands, exchanging hugs and kissing wild


    Beautifully written and I must say, you the He-She very instinctively, dawning both the hats with ease.

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