Solitary Shadows

I woke up from an odious dream
where i was on an island
Deserted and waiting for death.
The waves of the ocean whimpering
As they crash against a rock
There were many sound that escaped
Screeching the horizon while the sun rose.
The dark clouds formed a dangerous pattern
On the blue sky while a storm circled
around the beach and decided to vent the anger
On the surface of that tiny island
Creating sounds of destruction as it touch.
I hid under a canopy of trees waiting
for the storm to calm and pass the Island
Silence has taken over this voiceless world now
And I wait for someone to come and pick me up.
There was a shine in those weary eyes now
As I heard a voice in this dream, her voice
Echoing in my ears those words which rest there
“Wake up to the morning, Wake up to the sunshine, wake up to the rising sun”

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