Romancing the thoughts and words.

Yesterday a story has risen out of a dark corner of my mind
Desperate I was to cover those fragments with words
To give a name to identify its existence in this world
I wanted to scream out the story to every reader on this earth.
A song would be composed from the magic of those words
The tale would have the power to unite two hearts to one
The words would have taste like a cherry on a beautiful cake
We would have danced to the tunes of the words I will make out of it
The words are still inside my mind desperately waiting to come out
A blank paper will witness the birth of my tale with the beauty of my words
A black ink will be the medium through which words dance out of my mind
The book will enclose its beauty and travel a thousand miles to reach her.
The story now fades through the cells of my brain as its transcends to paper
The words are now lost somewhere in translation from thoughts to paper
A story like the rest of the other stories which started  on a blank paper
Is now a flying ash of a burnt paper, for you were my poetry I met last night.

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