The Mémoire

Darkness was my ally as I walk the graveyard on a cold night
Drunk on the verge of losing my conscience it seemed a foolish thought
To walk down the lanes where no soul dreamt to lay his steps on
And a million thoughts exploded in my mind when I saw that grave
The clouds disappeared and the moon was full on that night not so long ago
Driving along the bends of the mountain road where death resides on every turn
There was a beam of light that reflected sharply into my eyes from the opposite
And there I was falling down against the gravity to the depths of mountain valley
A sense of panic captured my brain the moment I opened my eyes to the light
I see the green trees where a ray of light was romancing with the leaves
Helpless I was as my soul was strong to run away yet my body didn’t
And I called out her name in a hope that she would listen to my voice and rejoice
My eyes ran through the surroundings as I watched a bird chirping above
A tear ran down in sadness as i saw an image as nightmarish as a devil
A fine piece of car had wrecked into a shapeless metal and yet I still fear
for the one who was seated beside me and I only hoped she survived the fall.
I opened my eyes again recovering from the shock of the images in my mind
There is human voice I hear, that of a nurse curiously enquiring the cause
My eyes are scanning for that only face who seems to be lost in this crowd
Failed in its attempt it dismisses any possibility of the worst for my heart still beats
Moments turned to hours, hours to days and days to weeks as I come to terms
she is gone from this earth leaving me sad, leaving me helpless and alone
I scream out a cry while the world around me collides and everything is broken
And I am glued to a wheelchair with nothing around me but just an Image.
The night is cold and my senses are numb as I sit near her grave feeling her
The stone of the grave is squeezed and there is no more blood to flow
I can dig more deeper than my mind could dare and yet I’ll find no treasure
I lie on her grave staring above at the stars that shine brightly at night.

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