The End!

Its like I have been on a journey again
And I am transported back to where I started
I look back at the events folded in the last month
The time of the year where I was hungry for more.
My beautiful present is now coupled with the glorious past
and like a viscous circle goodness has met me again
For now this journey will be over soon and I shall rest
To welcome new harbours and new people tomorrow
And we all are at the end of day just a ship
returning back to home laden with many experiences
Where memories of goodness and sorrow arrive in a cargo
And the hulk is turned black by the batter of restless wave.
All lovely things will born, fade and die slowly
Even a starlit night will end with a sharp ray of a sunlight
A fun filled autumn will end with the first fall of snow
And each sorrowful farewell will end with a new beginning.

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