Monthly Archives: December 2013


As the wine flows into an empty glass
My mind quickly ponders about people
Influencing me in every stage of my life
Motivating me to touch new heights daily.
Like a sun which rises from the horizon
the blessing of my parents have been limitless
And each day, every day as I awake
The warmth of the sun reminds me of their love
Like an ocean which seems endless and wide
the words of the poets have always been stretched
And each day, as I sit idle for sometime
The depths of the ocean reminds me of their thoughts
Like an amalgamation of colours created on a canvas
the art of a painter has always brought peace to the chaos
And each day when the day looks dull and colourless
The colours in the painting reminds me of opportunities.
Turning back at the people who brought a smile
There are only a selected few out of billions
And yet I am thankful for each and every one of you
Some for staying back and many for leaving me.