The Sailor Chronicles- Shipwreck

There was chaos all around while a bottle of rum burnt
My face touched the cold water of the sea, as the ship went down.
Yesterday, it was a silent calm morning along the coast
I drank whiskey with my girlfriend while I bid farewell
A feeling of liveliness kicked in when I saw my tall ship
And twenty-four hours later, I would be dead at the bottom of the sea.
A sense of premonition occurred when I sailed into unknown territory
A cloud of worry rained a stream of sweat in this cold along my forehead 
The wind grew stronger on the starboard side as I removed weights
And for the first time in my life I was afraid of the sea I always loved.
The ship rolled insanely to the dangerous rhythms of the storm
A huge wave crashed over the ship and I was drenched
The ship continued its fight with the angry waves of this ocean
like a wingless plane, it was going down crashing to the ocean bed.
My ship is burnt, destroyed and is now lost in the dark depths
holding onto the broken fragments of the ship I stayed awake
Alone in the middle of nowhere, when another wave engulfed me in
and now I was trapped in the heavenly water I once loved.
I see an image of my girlfriend waiting for the arrival of my ship
And there is a tear in the corner of my eye, remembering her last hug
For I am just a sailor who loved the sea as much as I loved her
And I plunge into an abyss for one last sleep never to wake up.

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