Monthly Archives: March 2014


In a pool of cold water, I am drowning,
The water is filling in my lungs fast,
In a moment of chaos and madness,
I forgot to swim and my mind is lost,

There’s a struggle to control my body,
But I want to surrender to the death,
This pool of cold water is my bed,
Where I’ll sleep, never to wake up.

I give up now, and I give permission,
To let the cold water consume me,
To let it proclaim victory over my struggle,
Saying this, I allow myself to sink.

I am now in a state of numb matter,
My mind is chilled and has stopped,
My bones begin to freeze to death,
My lungs are now ready to burst and burn.

Just when I relished this last feelings, I feel something,
Something warm, something alien in this coldness,
I question this strange universe, what’s this warmth?
An unknown firm hand is now grasping my arms.

That unknown person pulls me back to surface.
He brings me to life, a form I was living in before I drowned (almost),
I felt panic in my throat before I said him thank you,
While my inner self was screaming “Damn You” to him.



A poetry has risen in my heart.
It’s lines are settled on my lips,
An ink carries it through my soul,
The words are ready to dance on paper.

My poetry is just your name written on a paper
A paper, that was blank before.
My mind tells me secretly,
this poem is my masterpiece.

That paper will be burnt someday,
the ashes will scatter in this summer heat.
Reminding this silly paper of a reality,
You like my heart will be burnt.

I am the embers of a dying fire.
Slowly fading away to nothingness,
My body is burnt in the chambers of affection.
and now I am just an ashtray in your heart.