In a pool of cold water, I am drowning,
The water is filling in my lungs fast,
In a moment of chaos and madness,
I forgot to swim and my mind is lost,

There’s a struggle to control my body,
But I want to surrender to the death,
This pool of cold water is my bed,
Where I’ll sleep, never to wake up.

I give up now, and I give permission,
To let the cold water consume me,
To let it proclaim victory over my struggle,
Saying this, I allow myself to sink.

I am now in a state of numb matter,
My mind is chilled and has stopped,
My bones begin to freeze to death,
My lungs are now ready to burst and burn.

Just when I relished this last feelings, I feel something,
Something warm, something alien in this coldness,
I question this strange universe, what’s this warmth?
An unknown firm hand is now grasping my arms.

That unknown person pulls me back to surface.
He brings me to life, a form I was living in before I drowned (almost),
I felt panic in my throat before I said him thank you,
While my inner self was screaming “Damn You” to him.


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