Monthly Archives: December 2014


A long step back and four steps front,

And how I waited for you there,

The lonely mountain was the place

where we were supposed to meet

You turned up late and I was gone

back to my town in the January cold.


The restless sleep and the sadness of heart

was unexplained to the hungry stomach

I lost control of space and time around me

and all I wished was a bubble wrap in space

You didn’t come and I felt lonely again,

in my small room beside the lake.


It snowed next morning in winter’s glory

the tea was hot and my heart was cold,

the minions by my bed still cheered

for there was hope that you would return,

Little rain drops poured from the clouds above,

And I thought my universe cries for me.


A kid came to my house and told you were there

plucking roses from the garden and waiting for me

Oh the poetry in the winds were calling my name

and I knew that second that I had to see you

O lovely winds, call my name again

for the year has started on a bright note


That afternoon, I rode the fastest horse to claim you

To bring you in my arms and proclaim my love,

when I reached your town you were there, waiting

for you knew I would come and take you away,

And so we rode on the road never travelled

and promised to start a new life in an untouched land..