Monthly Archives: January 2017

La La Land

Dark space, two chairs, a piano tune in the speakers,

the music that shakes the darkness in front of us.

You and me, holding each other hands in the cinemas,

as Mia and Sebastian walk down the dock singing songs.

I smell your leaning presence on my shoulders,

a movement so silent, soft and full of love.


They are dancing to what a waste of lovely night,

we are watching them, oh what a beautiful evening.

The reluctance to say how I like you and kiss you,

we continue to hold hands, playing with our fingers,

as Jazz plays in the background, heartbreak, and tears,

as Mia leaves Sebastian to her home for the night.


The tune changes, a dream sequence plays in my mind,

you take my arm, walking me out of the cinemas.

We lean to the music, as we stroll up the hill,

a city so shiny in the dark, like a palette.

Like a spring that returned through the snow,

let us walk out in this shiny cold night.


City of stars, will you be shining just for me,

take my hands, walk with me to the beach,

and let’s count stars, talk and laugh at people.

The movie is finished, and we are still in our seats,

waiting for people to leave and have the place for us,

Oh city of stars, you never shined so brightly,

as we left the place, silently, without saying anything.