About the Blog

This space is to answer the one question which has constantly troubled me all the times I write. What is this space about? I can pen down all my thoughts on a random piece of paper, remove my burden and throw it away. So why a blog? Sometimes the most Complex questions has a very simple solution while Simple questions might demand complicated answers.

This blog is an amalgamations of thoughts and randomness expressed through words and poetry! “A Ray of Hope” as positive as it sounds it also relates to the darkness present within each one of us. Where there is darkness, light will eventually follow to eliminate the darkness and spread its ray of positivity in our souls. So no matter how lost we are, there is always a glimmer of hope. A hope, that someday good things will follow in our lives. Writing for me has just been like walking on a dark lane holding a flashlight where all I can see is about three feet ahead of me. I have no idea where I’m going.

So with all the above talks Welcome to my blog “A Ray of Hope” . Explore the words, the Poetry, the thinking of this random mind and talk to me with this blog as a medium. Fuel this blog with your appreciation as well as criticism and propel it higher to the skies untouched and the lands unknown.

Also if you read my blog, feel free to drop down your comments  on my blog below. Your criticisms and your feedback shall be helpful in my further journey with words.


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