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Universe and Naked bodies

This story is neither a confession nor a piece of fiction. This story is a reality, our alternate reality, a world we built and space we shared and decided to spend our life.

I am playing the guitar while you sit by the tree and watch me play the chords. The melody is smooth, and it brings a smile on your face. I look at your smile, and at that moment, I feel lucky to have you around, while we are in an air bubble, floating in a dark space, crossing unknown galaxies, going nowhere. In this floating world of ours, which stretches beyond this universe, your presence next to me is bigger than the milky way. In our small world, there is a tree, a bed, a bottle of wine, a little light to show us the way and a lot of darkness to lose ourselves and never be found.

When the Big Bang happened, and everything came into existence, there was a matter, and there was an anti-matter. And when these two collide, everything that is there in the universe will be destroyed. A bright light will blind us in seconds, and before we know it, all the atoms will break, the mountains will fall, volcanoes will erupt, and in few minutes, everything will vanish. Clean slate.

And while we escape, in this little space bubble of ours, we are naked. Words are sleeping next to you, the feel of your naked body against mine which invokes the same destruction as an antimatter would when it comes into contact with matter. I’ll be shattered, leaving behind a dark matter, and our hearts will burn, giving rise to new words and new fruits on branches of that tree in our bubble. We were two people, not meant for each other, with nothing in common, and yet we chose love over other stupid things.

Of course, we are alive, floating somewhere, and while you sit by that tree, listening to my melody, I look beyond the darkness to find a bright light, waiting for us, and that my dear, will either break us or make us immortal.



Little drops of rain fell from the heaven on a strange cold midnight

Little creatures crawl near the damaged crops while working their magic

Its a strange night where the dead has risen from a long sleep

to repair the lives of their loved ones who still cling to their memories.


Here I am, holding a cigarette in temptation to smoke again

If only that way I can feel your nicotine dipped lips

There is a half empty bottle of whiskey in my Jacket and I want to drink it

to feel your whiskey tongue which knew me better than my mirror.


The lust when you smoked with me for the first time in that February cold

And you took a drag, waiting to feel the heat while we held each others hand.

Times when you only drank whiskey when you were lost and sad and angry

And yet we finished a half bottle of Jack, neat, naked, in that February cold.


<Metaphysics> You are running away from life, and I am running away from death

and slowly someday our paths will collide and we will meet again

in another universe, in some other dimension where there won’t be any logic

time will freeze, and we will smoke and finish that half bottle of jack </metaphysics>


I am dead and you are sad and whiskey is your only companion tonight.

The grave digger rings a bell, commanding the dead to return back to sleep

I gather your scattered thoughts and try to compose you into something coherent

I am staring at your naked body from the broken window while little creatures crawl.


Ok. So where am I? Ok, The desert. The desert is calm for some reason and the sun is rising again for the millionth time. I was brought here some days before when the dark clouds disappeared and all that was left of sky was an open invitation for an unknown object to hit this earth. This is not the reality I expected when they told me I was being sent to prepare for my final days. Anyways, this is my reality until the apocalypse hit the earth in ten days. The humans are dying in the cities and I am here, trying to survive ten more days till this world is just an empty space in the map of our universe. A distant nebula has exploded and the supernova will impact earth. In short, the world ends in ten days.

Now the history, as we know it, is being told to us only through the voices of books. The ancient renaissance helped a great deal in saving the ancient literature. And here I am in this desert holding a copy of “The Swerve” which I just brought before a small meteor hit the Bangalore city with such vital force that now all that’s left of that city is the dust from collision. All this just before these learned and wise elders decided to teleport me to this desert by cheating the laws of time and space.

The swerve is story of Poggio Bracciolini who made a great discovery. In an abbey in Germany he came across a manuscript of a long-lost classical poem. The discovery of that poem was also the start of renaissance. The subject in that poem believed that the gods did not concern themselves with mortal affairs. He didn’t create this universe, which was composed of particles as we see in the space today. These atoms that formed the universe moved frequently and randomly through a void. And they would from a direct course, and strike against each other. Life is one result of this collision, as atoms assemble themselves into forms that enable us to see and breathe. At some point or the other, our atoms will break free and move on in their eternal course through the void. Which means that there is no afterlife, no reward for being nice or bad. That the ideas of heaven and inferno is just man made. As a result human beings should not fear death at all. And yet as this universe is shrinking to death I see humans praying everywhere. If only all this foolish earthlings could understand this poem. I am lost in this desert and with this book in my hand, I don’t fear death. Death is just the road to awe. I am only thankful that I get to live my life now with nothing but just with literature by my side. Literature that saved me when I was alone. The very book that explained to me not to fear this apocalypse but to just embrace it. Well I guess that these atoms have decided to break free and travel through the void to form another universe.

I have decided to wrap this book and keep it safe. Even if this universe is lost, I hope this book can travel trough all voids of space and time and reach the hands of readers from the other side of this galaxy. I can feel another person through this book and that feeling is much better than I have ever felt. My mind is so darkened from this feeling, my soul and body is just terraforming now in an imaginative world and that part of me is much better than reality. The reality that will be history in next ten days. If only books could live forever. Yes, if only….

The Beach.

It’s beautiful isn’t it. To just let your salty flesh crawl against mine. To let this saltness wash the shore and carry all the half washed away footprints back into the ocean. I just want you to come crashing to me like an ocean wave and then fall upon the shells lined by the rocks like my heart lined inside my chest. I will sit by the shore and just wait for you. I want these waves to roll over me and engulf me in the magic of it’s tides.

And when you are here, I will read to you the story of my day and watch the blonde wisps of your hair riding along the late evening’s breeze at the edge of the sea. I will point to you towards the lights of the distant navy ships. I can be the sailor I always wanted to be and sail with you to the distant horizon, not to stay there but to sail back again to the shore. And in between the sands and the waves, there will be insects and crabs wrapped around your lovely feet…

Un events de randomness

My heart is beating within,
A child is born from the ashes,
Death is capturing another heart,
Someone is buying a book from Flipkart,
Someone is editing his journal,
Someone buys a vibrator.
Someone in California makes a new smartphone,
Someone in Beijing makes a new smartphone,
Someone in Seoul makes a new smartphone,
Someone in London makes a new smartphone,
Someone else makes a new smartphone.
A Japanese school girl had her first kiss,
An afghan writer just wrote her first draft,
An Indian street kid hit a six for the first time,
A US police officer made her first arrest today,
A Nigerian lady had her first child today,
My turn signal just blinks,
The turn signal of the car in front of me blinks.
Earthquake Magnitude 1,
Earthquake Magnitude 2,
Earthquake Magnitude 3,
Earthquake Magnitude 4,
The volcanic lava erupts,
Someone in my office flushes a toilet.
A Virgo named John drinks a glass of Soda,
A Sagittarius Mary got her driving license,
An Egyptian just smokes his way near a pyramid. 
A eagle caught a bald fish from the ocean,
A Catalyst just collided two reactant molecules,
Earth is completing its rotation around the axis.
A train running at 100 kmph hit a dog and fled away,
A dog bites someone in US and ran away,
A hobbit just had his dark ale and prepares to sleep,
A Mexican just woke up from a bad hangover,
Someone got a new job and is happy,
Someone got fired and is worried about his debts.
Someone wrote a country song about cancer,
Someone is diagnosed with cancer,
Someone just died of cancer,
Someone adopted a Child,
Someone adopted a dog,
Someone got married.
An email is sent and read somewhere,
Someone broke an iPhone screen,
Someone gained a follower on twitter,
Someone picked up a fight with a stranger,
Someone unfriended someone on Facebook,
Some boss is worried about his employee’s unproductiveness,
Someone here is writing this blog post,

**I just read an article in XKCD and was inspired to write something like this.**


The "Beautiful" Brain

 And now my thoughts actually ponder on the source of all thoughts….”Brain”
 I clearly have to admit that there is certainly an advantage as well as a blessing to actually have a Brain which can remember the good ride we had on a holiday but not the “Please God help me find my car key aftermath”. This is very much the same as relationships. I mean we remember those great moments of intimacy love and passion with great ease while those sleepless nights on a bed with enough room to park a car is nothing but a dim memory. Also during exams we can easily remember that how good the exam would have gone but not those sleepless nights and those in numerous cups of coffee enough to make your room a cafe shop for a night.
Anyways my point is that the Brain has to be automatically designed to remember more leisure than pain. To cherish all good times we would have had and to actually dismiss the bad.  The brain actually is hard wired to push the organism towards more of pleasure and to get away from pain. In that way we can make ourselves happy and failures might be treated as just a lesson learnt to devoid us pain and make us happier.
The image above has nothing much to do with the context of writing but just sharing it to give each of us a second of humor and ease and yes!! I am a Simpson fan. Cheers!!!

Where’s my Problem

125 days!!! I was looking in brief actually staring at this particular number 125. History has it that there is no significance of this particular number but as I would know it’s been 125 days since I last published any thought or any random topic which would have its inception ever since I want to write about it. 125 days where I would give some lame excuse to myself but today I’ve decided to be true to me, my inner self.
So enough with those little stats above there and Yes I am here back to my BlogSpot. Life has not been that good for the past 3 weeks now. The air is open and a Vacuum is created in the airspace over here which is slowly eating up everybody right now. These are hard times where you really ask questions that do God’s really exist or are they some mythical characters like The Superman. I went through some series of motions in between these 125 days which I would like to share on the blog as I consider this as my first blog.
Writing the story “The Journey” which by the way is finished and to handful some who still want to read a not so happy ending story I shall be pleased to mail you after a couple of weeks though as I still believe that being the creator of the story I can always change it as per my convenience. Anyways I built this character Chander in the story that always used to create problems to keep his life occupied. And this has really been my problem right now thinking that do all persons or at least the maximum of earthlings live in a world which is full of problems? Let’s go for a deeper roll now!!!
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Sometimes I feel that deep within us is always a human who hates us for what we are. It hates us of what we’ve made of ourselves in this perpetual search of victory and success. In this time it is really difficult to live in a world devoid of problems.  In a near future if at all there is a world without any problems then at that particular time I would consider that to be my biggest problem. We create problems only to solve it at a later stage and those the cycle of life goes on! Waking up having breakfast create a problem solve it and then have dinner and sleep only to wake up again. This has become the life cycle of almost everybody (I assume I can generalize at this stage). So what is the solution to this problem of problems? It’s Simple, Death. No Man =No Problem.
At times I wonder how I land up in such silly stupid thoughts and yet I decide to write them. But it gives me ease within myself. A power to actually remind me that no matter what the solution I might come up to the li’l problems they are only the gateways to newer problems. To be frank I am not happy. And making these statements and thinking might make me realize is it my common problem or a general problem. How do I tackle it? Where can I get motivation to move ahead of time and create a general space where I can be happy and satisfied? But then the questions which might look simple require complex answers and deep after years I should be confidently able to read this blog again and rethink was I correct? and until then I shall live with whatever and wherever Life is taking me or asking me to do & I shall keep asking myself…”Where’s my problem???”