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Hyde Park

It’s been raining all day long and I hate that its depressing,

the dull black clouds in the sky and phone with low battery.

I am sitting in Hyde Park, since morning, waiting for you,

to come and take me home so I can sleep in warmth and peace.


Today, I saw someone holding a placard with Free Hugs written,

and I hugged him without giving a care to smile for a while.

Moments later, I am now sitting in the Hyde Park, clueless,

trying to hold little pieces of what I really miss right now.


Sitting on the bench, while the cloud gives way to a blue sky,

I am waiting in the wind, while the sun kisses the trees.

I am sitting in the Hyde Park, near the path that goes two ways,

I want to change a little thing about my past and move on.


The goodbyes of the past shall stay in that moment, frozen,

where I can go back and give a hug to the memories of the warmth.

But today, I sit in the Hyde Park, hold these memories and cry,

for I know things are lost and broken beyond repair.


It’s like you brought me here, and we sat on swings taking turns,

We talked for hours and then enjoyed the silence of the breeze.

Oh today, the Hyde park is beautiful with the first sunlight of winter,

and yet, the bench is empty, with me and my songs playing in mind.


Things will never change, for things are meant to stay the way they are,

and yet, I know I’ll handle this, for life is about to change in a way.

The Hyde Park, will tell my story to birds, that will carry my message,

to a familiar place, to tell how I miss you in a winter wonderland.