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The Messenger

It started a few weeks after they separated for good. The old man, who never spent a morning without a cigarette and tea, was suddenly engrossed in charting plans for the rest of his life. He never considered living a solitary life, let alone at the age of 60. He had a faint smile when he was staring out of his window, the magical rays of sun shining on his face when he suddenly realised what he wanted to do.

It all began, when the old man decided to become a messenger man, delivering important stuffs from one corner of the city to the other. He would receive requests in his email, which he would read in his flashy new iPhone and cycle all the way from his house to the top 5 addresses, pick the stuffs from the residents and deliver letters or documents or anything important to the recipients. This little adventure went good for some days. He was happy with the work that kept him busy while also keeping him fit and healthy.

Strange things started happening now. He would wake up and see three cats outside his house, which would disappear into the city the moment he stepped out. When he reached the houses to pick the stuffs, the same three cats would be there, waiting for him. He would see them everyday, morning noon and night, and then ignore them. It was when he saw the cats for three continuous weeks, he got a little suspicious. Three cats would follow him everywhere and these cats would always know about the places that he will be visiting in a day. The more he saw them, the more restless he would become.

One sunday, he woke up to find the cats were not outside his house. The sudden disappearance of cats did not bring him any comfort. He decided to ignore everything, that there is nothing to worry about and that everything is just a blank pattern. He checked his email and found one email for pick up. It was not too far from his house as well. He got dressed and peddled his way down the river. He knocked on the door to find a young bald lady greet him with a smile.

“Hello there, so what can i pick for you today?” he asked.

“Its good to finally meet you sir. I am so thrilled to have you at my door. It’s a rather warm day, isn’t it?”

He was not a man of small talks and would always insist on picking the stuff, drink a cup of water from his bottle and head back to deliver the stuff.

“I’ve been working on my summer bod, so I won’t be complaining.” he joked. There were times when he would pretend to be a funny man, because everyone loves a little humour.

“Sir, I insist you to come inside and have a glass of water. It’s so hot and I’d just take five minutes to finish the paperwork that must be delivered to the city library office.”

“I usually don’t like wasting my time.” he told her and then added “however if you insist, i don’t want to say no to a pretty lady.”

There was something attractive about this young bald lady. He figured her age to be about 30-35, dark circles indicated that she usually sleeps very late and wakes up early. There was a Malaysian Airlines boarding pass on the table. He was just scanning the room when he saw a wall frame of three cats, the exact three cats who were chasing him for the last three days. He stood up and was confused at everything that was happening. He scanned around and saw no sights of those cats, it never looked like a house where cats would live.

The young bald lady appeared and saw the confused look on the old man’s face.

“Is everything alright?” she questioned.

“Yes. Can I ask you a question?” He didn’t wait for her to respond. “Are these your cats?”

She was surprised at this question and said “No. I purchased this picture from a local shop. There was a discount sale and I love cats.”

This didn’t make much sense to him. He would not have asked the question if he never saw the cats. But now, there was a strange sense of restlessness. He wanted to tell her everything, how these cats have been following him for some time and how he didn’t see them today and yet he saw these cats in a picture. Was he overthinking? And if so, why would he see the picture here, of all places.

“Where did you buy this picture from?” he still asked, hoping to feed his curiousness.

“From a local shop, just outside the city. I brought it from Bella’s Art and Crafts supplies.”

“Ok. Thanks for that information. I am afraid I won’t be able to deliver the letter. I am so sorry about this. But if it’s not urgent, can I pick it up tomorrow?”

“I am surprised to hear that. But it’s fine. Its going to rain anyway and I would not risk getting this document wet now.”

A sudden confusion hit his face again. It was hot and sunny a while back and this was a strange home without any window.

“I usually don’t do this but I am just not feeling well.”

She didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. So she said “That’s ok. You don’t have to do this. I completely understand.”

He decided to leave the house and head straight to Bella’s Art and Craft supplies. It was not far away from this house. He was not sure about what he was searching and he had absolutely no idea what he would find over there. But there was a particular familiarity in the bald women’s appearance. It felt like he has seen her somewhere but couldn’t recall where and why.

A human mind turns into a maze when it stores thousands of memories. Recalling a moment or a face is like catching a fast train and not knowing about the destination. Old man was cycling along the river when dark clouds took over the blue sky. The strong wind was followed by a loud thunder. When the first drop of rain hit the earth, old man decided to take cover and stand under a tree. That was when he noticed the signboard which said Bella’s Art and Craft Supplies.

He quickly ran over to the other side of the road. A million thoughts reached his mind and some voices even begged him not to go inside. But he also knew that something is hidden somewhere and he ought to find out about it soon. He exhaled a heavy breath and entered inside. There was just one salesman and no customers. He looked like a Japanese or Korean, middle aged and was wearing sunglasses inside the shop. The salesman looked at old man and greeted.

“Oh hello Mr…. wait, for the sake of the voice which is telling this story, let me call you Mr. Old Man. I am sure you have a name but let’s not spoil that for everyone now, can we?”

There was a surprised look on Old Man’s face.

“Do you know me? Do I know you? I didn’t intend to come here for a reason and I don’t know what I need to know?”

“Yes you do Old Man. You are looking for answers. We are all looking for answers, for missing pieces that connects and form a universe within us.”

“I don’t understand anything. It’s been strange, for the last couple of days. I am not sure if I know what I need to tell you.” old man was shivering now. It was suddenly cold.

“That’s ok brother. You don’t need to tell me anything.”

“But how do you know me? Did you know that I am going to come here?”

“I knew you would be coming sooner or later but never anticipated it would be this early.”

“What’s your name?” old man was getting restless.

“Oh, where are my manners! Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Mister Nakata and I am the owner of this place.”

“Mr. Nakata?”

“Oh no, don’t confuse my first name with the honorific for men. My first name is Mister. M-I-S-T-E-R. So, if you were to write my name, it would be Mr. Mister Nakata. It’s funny, isn’t it?”

“I won’t say funny because it is a name after all and I am not sure if this holds anything significant in the country you come from. But yes, in this part of the world, it is definitely strange.”

“Oh no no no. You see my daddy was a drunk man who took to drinking after my mother passed away when she gave birth to me. So, he was a lazy old man who never wanted to think a lot. He would say that thinking gives him headache. So, he kept my name Mister. I am used to it and I laugh about it.”

“Hehehe” old man laughed for the first time today.

“Hehehe” Nakata laughed back.

Nakata sensed the shiver and asked him to come inside where there was a heater and a hot soup.

When they sat together and old man was comfortable, Nakata began talking.

“we are all doomed to fall and break but to do that we should also choose the best way to fall, the way where it wouldn’t hurt the most. You hear about a bearded guy throwing bomb in the trains or a white old man building walls around his country or an insane guy shooting at people who only loved each other. They think they are doing something good for the citizens of their country, but all they are doing is bringing them down so they can fall and crash.”

Nakata was confused and he did not know why he was listening to this.

“I am sorry but I don’t completely understand you. I am here because you sold some art painting to a women who was kind of bald some days back.”

“Yes. Her name is..again.. let me call her young bald lady. I did sell her the painting on 10th of October. The day you were separated from your wife.”

“How do you know all this? How do you know any of this? What is it that you are not telling me?”

“Well, I don’t want to hide anything from you my friend. You have come here looking for answers and this story is not a novel, so I don’t want to hide anything from you. You have lived 65 years of your life, trying to live a life by not celebrating it. You have never understood what it truly is to live a life. And that’s why you decided to become a messenger man because messenger boy is too young for you. You wanted to look at the river and stare at the pelicans because it gives you joy. You also wanted to help people because how else will you experience what its like to share happiness. ”

“We all live our lives without understanding it. Can you tell me that you have understood everything that is there to live?”

“No. But taking to my cats helps a lot Mr. Old Man.”

“Talking to your cats? You mean it as a figure of speech?” old man was still confused.

“No, I mean practically. I have been blessed with the power of talking to cats.” Nakata stood up to fetch a bottle of water.

“Those three cats? Are they yours?”

“The three cats that were chasing around? Yes. I sent them to you because you need to understand something important in your life and this is the best time you should know that. Bella is dead.”

“Bella? who is bella? Was that your wife?” old man sounded confused.

“No. But it’s no surprise that you don’t remember her. She did tell me that when you come to meet me and I tell you about her, you will be confused.”

“Listen Nakata, I don’t know what you are talking about and why do I need to know about her death.”

“Do you remember Brunei, 1978?” nakata asked

“Yes. I went there when I lost my job. I wanted to escape and..” it looked like old man was now able to recall something which he buried long time ago in his memories. Old man continued talking

“Bella…. She was a bar singer in one of the local night club. I remember buying her three drinks before I decided to go out with her that night. We went back to my hotel where I stayed with her for two days. We talked, sang, had sex and..” old man began to stutter.

“and then you dumped her and never called her back. That would be the short description.” Nakata finished it for him.

“Yes.. You can say that.” Old man was lost now.

“It’s ok. Everybody make mistakes and you made yours. When Margaret, your ex wife decided to leave you, you were alone and lost. And that’s when Bella passed away.”

“What happened to her?” old man grew curious.

“Well, after you dumped her, she did not lose the spirit to live. She wanted to finish her degree but because you came in her life, she became pregnant and she had to work even harder to support herself and her daughter. She did get married to a local business man who was not too great but yet he raised your daughter, before he passed away in a motor car accident. Bella gave her daughter the finest education that she can afford before she sent her to this city to pursue higher education.”

“She is here? Where?” he wanted to cry but still was holding his tears.

“I’ll tell you that Old Man. That’s exactly the reason why you have come here, isn’t it? To get answers.”

“Yes.” old man was now crying.

“Aww! Dont cry. As I told you, we have numerous way to fall down. The best way to fall down is the way where there is less pain. When Bella’s daughter purchased the picture of three cats, that was when your wife left you and that was when Bella passed away due to heart failure. Your daughter, she wanted to send the final cheque to the city library office which funded her education through loan.”

“Wait, you mean to say…”  old man was now ecstatic.

“Yes Einstein. That young bald lady is your daughter. Bella came to me and asked me to show you a path that would lead to her. I am just a messenger, just like you.”

Old man was still trying to recover from everything that was happening right now. He said “I don’t know why this has happened now. I was not lost but I was just hopeless. I gave up all hope of finding the meaning of my life with someone else. I am so sorry what happened with Bella and I am sorry that things have come to this. But I don’t know what I’d do now. I cannot go and tell her that I am her father. That would totally freak her out.”

“It’s ok. Bella just told me to inform you. I don’t know what or how you will tell her this. But if you ask me, I’d say, you have good 10 years of your life left and then another sad 10 more years of your life. And at your age, things will get even more sadder. So go out, enjoy the sun and remember that things happen for a reason.” Nakata got up and then told “I have to close my shop now but do think about this.”

They both bid each other goodbye. Old man’s cycle was just parked outside and the dark clouds were nowhere to be seen. He started walking along with his cycle when one last thought came to his mind. He turned around but Nakata was gone. He decided to come back again tomorrow. He was unable to make up his mind if he should go and talk to his daughter.

Next day, old man reached the outskirts of the city. He entered Bella’s art and craft supplies. Mister Nakata was nowhere to be seen instead there was a lady who was cleaning the shelves. The lady came up to him and asked if he was okay. The old man asked her

“I came to this shop yesterday and”

The lady interrupted, “Yesterday? Our shop was shut for five days because the owner son died. Our owner is currently in Japan attending to his son’s funeral while I am in charge of the shop now. Can I help you with anything?”

“Can you tell me what was the name of his son?”

“His name was Kazuyoshi Nakata.” the lady replied back.

The old man left the building and was confused. Nothing was making sense to him. He was trying to recollect everything that he knew. He was trying to connect the dots and arrive at a conclusion. But what would be the conclusion? What about Mister Nakata? And the cats? Is there an alternate reality apart from this reality? Is there a world with two moons where dead and living live together? Of what is important in this world and why would Bella tell him about a daughter now? He had a lot of questions and just one answer in front of him. That he has a daughter and that both should accept this reality and see where this would take them. He knows where he’s going and he don’t want to waste any time in getting there. Beethoven Symphony No. 9 was playing on the radio and his life, just like this day has just began.



It was the last night of that wicked March,

a month that only brought miseries for Jane.

Of broken relationships and evil crimes,

Jane had lost everything that she owned.


Jane was now afraid of the familiar darkness,

her life, unstable, her dreams, collapsed.

Yet, Jane found hope in a glass of wine,

and every little pieces of shattered bottle.


“The world is evil and bad” they said.

“But I’ll overcome the bad” Jane believed.

And here Jane was, waiting for the ship

that will take her anywhere but away from here.


Jane will not tell you of how we met, on this ship

and, I was asked to take an oath, to hide our story.

The land was far away and Jane was there by my side,

with her glass of Champagne and water all around us.


Jane is not sad anymore and Jane will not weep,

Jane will put darkest of her memories to sleep.

Our weekend getaway is just coming to an end,

“Let us sail the earth, just you and me” Jane said.

Unrequited Love

1. A  universe is waiting for a collision.

In the Red Sea, I must have fallen in love with her.

I still remember the date. 03rd of January 2014. There was an entire ocean ahead of me, and while I was trying to fix my eyes towards a distant horizon, her voice travelled through the clear paths of the deck and reached my ears. I wish I could just call it a voice, for I knew it wasn’t. It was a melody, a beautiful tune mixed with a feeling of happiness and comfort at the same time. Until today, I thought of love as an alien entity that was born out of a marriage between physical needs and a beating heart. But I knew this was different. Her voice was as soft as a feather. As I read somewhere, “Some voices are just love.” Her eyes, which were as deep as the ocean, was still the best part of my day. The depth in her eyes made me realise that maybe life was worth living. A million questions still popped up in my mind. I was trying to calm the storm which was growing in my mind. Was it love? Was it lust? I was still clueless about it. But in between all these confusions, I was sure about one thing, that she was a beautiful living organism I have seen on this planet. Everything in my life would be nice if those eyes would have fixed on me. Everything in my life will have balanced out if she would have come into my life.

There is darkness everywhere. The life inside is lost, and there is a wait. A wait for timeless boundaries to stop appearing and let me free. Some time back, a universe exploded in the far away space. I am still waiting for a universe to come and collide with mine. Our universe will then travel together, diving down into a dark abyss. And amidst that darkness, we will find a light.  A light that will shine into our lives and guide us to a comfort zone. The chaos in my universe will balance with sanity if I just collide with her universe and in all this destruction, we will create a life of ours.

2. Alone, flying in outer space towards Golden Nebula of Xibalba.

We could have run away leaving the ocean behind.

I was waiting all day for you to be alone. You were standing on the deck observing the waves as they crashed on the hull. I was waiting for you to take some time out and see me. Out of randomness, out of curiosity, I was hoping that you would notice me. You should have seen me looking at you. I was waiting for that one moment. If a moment could change our lives, then I would have happily said that yes, that would be the moment, that one singular moment from a lifetime of moments which I will treasure forever. In the jar of all collected memories, this moment would shine brightly. I would have painted this time on the canvas of our love and brush your outlines with my favourite colours. Inflammable heart. It can never understand the origin of the fire. It’s the mind that takes control in such situations and makes a soul look awkward. Now and then there was this sense of fire burning in my heart when she was with her friends. And she seemed to have given up on the universe that was so close to colliding with hers. She had an unreachable face. So for a while, there was this distance. And I always thought that when she would come to me, it will be a gift.

Somewhere in this darkness of matter, I see a shining star. A beautiful moment of realisation just hit me. It was the perfect universe to collide and create life. I am now in a small self-contained bubble flying in an outer space towards the distant star which was shining brightly. Of all the little moments of here and there, I was travelling at a velocity higher than the light, with my eyes fixed towards that star. I knew she would be waiting and I will meet her there. I was taking an interstellar route, travelling through black holes, cheating the laws of astrophysics, just to make love in Zero gravity.

3. Supernova

I love you, and now I am afraid of being alone.

The day I saw you were the last day of my journey. I cursed the concept of time which kept you hidden for a long time. The whole idea of love, at first sight, seemed ridiculous to me. By now I was in love with your voice, with your eyes, with your presence, with you. It still felt awkward for me to go and talk to you. To know you in some other story, I would have met you on the first day, and our journey would have been different. But here I was watching you smile. Ours was a reality I had to make myself believe. With the first tide tomorrow, your presence would be gone. And like the winds that carry this ship, you will never return. Maybe waving a goodbye would have set things free. But this simple heart suddenly felt heavy. I suddenly felt that I won’t be able to see you right from the moment you set foot on the ship. This sudden realisation made my heart skip a beat. Or two. No, it doesn’t matter. My heart is gone. I doubt If I’ll ever love again. So what if it was just a mad love which was over even before it started. There are countless definitions of love by the authors and poets Why not include this silent treatment to the definition of love. We will never see each other again. Or better, I’ll never see you again. And between this journey and the remaining part of my life, all that would be left is regret. There was this attraction, a strong force that brought you to me. And now that I pulled away, the magnet of that feeling, whatever it was is now gone, and I am here disembarking the steps of this streamliner, all alone.

There was an enthusiastic smile as I was playing inside that bubble slowly approaching the bright star where I was sure you would be waiting for me. I was travelling through the dark void of space and time all alone. I was sure that light would come and eradicate my loneliness. That another soul would move from an outer world and fill my world with a light that would enlighten my universe. And then there was light. A bright light that only meant destruction and nothing else. There was chaos in this empty vacuum of a timeless matter. The star just exploded, and the meaning of my journey was over. I cried. I jumped. I shattered every tiny piece of the object around me. And then a fragment from that broken star hit my sphere, and that was the end. I did not see her. I believed in her concept. And now that’s taken from me. I am falling. To the groundless reality. I will be a lifeless body floating in this timeless matter and empty layers of the milky way. And that way, my love will end before it even started.

Originally written as a Guest Post on Archana’s blog


In a pool of cold water, I am drowning,
The water is filling in my lungs fast,
In a moment of chaos and madness,
I forgot to swim and my mind is lost,

There’s a struggle to control my body,
But I want to surrender to the death,
This pool of cold water is my bed,
Where I’ll sleep, never to wake up.

I give up now, and I give permission,
To let the cold water consume me,
To let it proclaim victory over my struggle,
Saying this, I allow myself to sink.

I am now in a state of numb matter,
My mind is chilled and has stopped,
My bones begin to freeze to death,
My lungs are now ready to burst and burn.

Just when I relished this last feelings, I feel something,
Something warm, something alien in this coldness,
I question this strange universe, what’s this warmth?
An unknown firm hand is now grasping my arms.

That unknown person pulls me back to surface.
He brings me to life, a form I was living in before I drowned (almost),
I felt panic in my throat before I said him thank you,
While my inner self was screaming “Damn You” to him.

The Interview

The video started and all I could see through that small computer screen was a blank chair that patiently awaited the arrival of the person who was about to take my interview. I have already imagined the way my interviewer might look. Mid forties with dusky characteristics of a typical south Indian man. Further behind the chair I could see a ray of sunshine registering its heat on the chair through a small hole beside the window. There were half filled cabinets on the left side of a chair. Tube light gave the necessary light for the interview to happen. And here I was in the lonely room with a video camera. The camera is looking towards me but I am staring away from the screen with eyes fixed on my phone. Like cheating a movie with eyes fixed on something else other than the big screen. What am I doing on my phone? Typing this line because I am still waiting for the person to come. I did not think that this day of interview would have come soon. Or may be in my mind I have already lived a century waiting for this day to come. The day started like any other normal day. Birds chirping on the trees welcoming this warm day. A toast of bread for breakfast and a hot water shower. And now I am in this strange place where I want something good to happen.

After sitting for five minutes I am guided to another room now. This gentleman has announced that there is a delay from the other end. A delay of 30 mins now. I am reminded of railway announcements where the delay time kept multiplying and I had every reason to believe that the delay will be longer. This room is less lively than the previous one. There is no air conditioner or fan here. Through the glass windows I can see few employees sitting in front of their laptops. It’s just a normal day for them. May be a day too monotonous for them. May be they have realised that they need to work to achieve glory in their lives.

Sitting in this empty room my mind is drifting to faraway lands now. I am physically sitting stationary in this room but my mind is a wanderer. For a long time, my mind has always been a wanderer. My mind has visited places where my body hasn’t. The beauty of mind travelling is that there is no immigration to stop me. No passport or visa to chain me. I am now lost. In the far away mountains of Himalayas. The river flows peacefully while I sip a hot coffee by the river bed. Sharp rays of sun are kissing the distant peaks of snow mountains. I finish tea and begin to take a walk in the lonely woods. Why am I always alone. Everywhere. In my dream, in my reality. Well that’s a thought for the latter. But now I am walking alone in the dark woods. It was just after five minutes that a bird has caught my curiosity. I keep walking ignoring it for the first time and moments later I am walking on the snow. I see that same bird again. It caught my curiosity then. But now its got my attention. I am now following it’s trail in hope that it will lead me to some magical place. I am running towards that distant peak. It has already been 4 hours in my mind state but it has just been 5 mins in this place where my body is. And this universe of mine collapses when a boy asks me “Do you need water”?

I drink a glass of water. It calms my nerve a bit. I am not scared of the interview, but it’s this whole idea of talking about my life and work to a complete stranger that has made me nervous. Why do they have interviews anyways? Just pick somebody, train him and he is ready to work for you. I stop typing on my phone and glance outside through the glass windows again. There is very little activity going on in this place. A confused young guy is taking prints of paper every two minutes. Another guy is busy writing codes on his laptop while the third guy is talking on phone for a long time. Could that be work related or is he talking to his girlfriend hiding his betrayed love from his legal wife? Anyways I bend my head down again and begins to type. I am typing this line that the reader of this post is reading. People are busy exploring their life through work. They suffocate their groans, lie about their love, deceive their legal duties shamelessly in the name of honour and money. It’s strange to see that there are no mirrors here. My current office has a series of mirror so people can see themselves. I don’t know why but now I am accustomed to seeing myself work. I am still awaiting for my call. They promised a delay of 30 mins. It’s well past 30 mins now. And I wait. In this empty room for the call. What am I gonna speak? I haven’t prepared anything. I am just gonna open the walls of my mind and answer anything they ask. My mind is prepared. But it’s still thinking about that place. Those snow clad mountains and that little bird.

Where am I running to? I am tired of running continuously for hours now. I take some time off and relax myself under the branches of an abandoned tree. The bird rests there too and I am already engaged in a silent conversation with the bird. I ask her about her whereabouts. I ask her about her origins. About her friends. About the destination where both of us are heading to. She remains silent most of the times. I am beginning to experience a peculiar strangeness about this place. But my mind have dismissed this thought thinking its weird. The bird is now flapping her wings, one of her ways to signal me to start moving. I want to relax for some more time. But she is adamant as a witch. And before I could have said anything the bird takes off from the branch.

It is becoming difficult to match her pace but still I am giving my best to match her. The sun is almost setting down and I have been running for almost full day now. Where is this bird leading me to? After some time she settles herself on the top of a house. She looks towards me and gives a faint smile. I take that as her invitation to enter the house. I accept it mostly because in this darkness I am left with no other choice. I don’t see any signs of life in this house. It’s well decorated to be deserted alone in this forest. It’s warm inside and the fire place is empty. I am beginning to question about the peculiarity of this place. It doesn’t seems haunted and nor does it seems lively. The bird flies inside the house. I am wondering how did she manage to enter inside, as the door was locked and the warmness in this place ensures that there is no open window. It took me sometime to realise that this is another bird and maybe she resides here. Her companion is waiting outside for reasons unknown to me. She is flying above me and then suddenly she lands on the sofa. Her landing was perfect. Streamlining across the thin air and gliding her way to the sofa like a paper rocket. I begin to get restless and I am trying to find answers to why am I here. There is a noise. And before I knew it this place is filled with birds. Hundred of birds, all the them resembling the same and flying in this room. I don’t have any idea what they are doing here. They are ignoring me and I stand there like I was invited to watch their dance. I want to get out of this house. But the door is locked from outside. Windows are grilled and there is no point of escape. Helplessly I am now sitting in a corner while all these birds fly inside the room. They are talking to themselves in a language alien to me. They are rejoicing and flying. Some challenge the gravity to steer against the air high to the ceiling only to be brought back to the ground. They all are having a feast while I sit there clueless. Why did I follow that bird in the first place? Yes, there was something odd when I noticed that bird but I could not think of any reason why I followed her? There has to be a reason why I am here. The tiredness of the running has made me weak and I lie around the corner. With thoughts and questions exploding in my mind, I sleep away.

I wake up the next day and find the house deserted. There is no trace of a bird anywhere. I look through the window and see that the day has already started. The door is not locked from outside. Without any doubt, I decide to run from this place. I decide to leave the questions unanswered. Not all questions deserved to be answered anyways. I don’t see a road nearby and there is no sign of life anywhere. I keep running when suddenly I am blinded by a sharp light and I lose control and spiral down through the snow, into the forest.It took me five mins to come to rest. Now I can see the road. I stand and look up only to find dense forest above. I take the road and keep walking when I finally see a tea shop. He sells hot noodles and I immediately ask him to prepare the food as I was hungry. I also realise that I have not eaten anything in last 24 hours. The last 24 hours were the most strangest hours of my life. I went to a house where birds lived and danced. What place could that be. I finished eating and reach my city.

All my enquiries turned fruitless. I was unable to find that house again. Where could I have possibly went. I go back to the same spot where I saw the bird and begin to trace the path we took. But the path was confusing. I was I unable to spot that tree where I rested. The lake where we drank water. And that’s when a thought is born in my mind, what if that world wasn’t real? What if this is a reality. What if reality is a dream? May be it was the house where I was meant to be lost

I have lived for almost a week in my mind’s little universe but only an hour in this vast reality ever since I drank that glass of water. The delay in this office is frustrating now and I want to question somebody on the timings and process. There is nobody coming here and I am lost now. There is no bird to guide me. What should I do? Where do I go?

The Last Kill: Part 2

                                                        Character Identification: Allen

“Even the Bravest of men with tough arm have a soft heart”. For Allen it was always extremes when it comes to living his life. A life devoid of love and filled with Pain for he knew that soon a day would come where he would sacrifice this hardships for a beautiful tomorrow. He just wished when that happens the time freezes instantly so that he could live his hard years completely again in a more beautiful way.

But then even the bravest Soldiers with a heart of a lion will be paralysed by fear. A fear so vivid, so radiant that it would shape the future of his life.


Surrounded by a Beautiful valley of Mountains, Rivers and some amazing Flowers stood Allen a Lt. Colonel then in awe of beauty and Pride of being given an Opportunity to serve his country. He had withstand many hardships many Failures to reach this phase of life where he could have been contended with what life had given him.


Whenever he would get a chance he would start writing about his experiences in a Diary. A diary filled with his secrets and Darkness of Youth which he did not want to be remembered again. 

Excerpt from Diary…Page 3

“As a child I would often believe in fairy tales. Those stories which i grew up listening would somehow not fall in the correct place. I would listen to ma talking of an old rip van winkle that would sleep for as long as 20 yrs in some old days. How I wish I could have slept throughout those 20 yrs of my early days. Something I would have surely been happy of. But life teaches lessons of its own and sometimes the simple lessons of life would come from miseries and pain.

My mother was never afraid of the afterlife. Of what is death after all? Where the soul leaves the weak body so that it doesn’t endure the suffering. But all she was afraid of was the death which was imminent because of her lifelong of family sufferings which she have seen throughout her life. Her brother died of some cancer some decades ago, probably the time when the cure for the disease was not found and also the death of my father was before her. She would often hold me tight whenever I was to go away from her. Be it the school days where she would hold me tightly in her arms and would often talk about distinct possibility of not seeing her again or of those tiring long nights where she would often be awake ensuring I slept in peace which i thought was just to express her unconditional love.”


Today Allen is a wanted criminal accused of Murdering his Brigadier,  bombing his own Squad of Soldiers and now a Killer who has this one last task to do to clear his name from all records. 

The Last Kill — Part 1


Am I alive???


These were the first thoughts when Allen woke up from his sleep. He laid on a bed and his mind was continuously racing with the reality. Was it the dream or a dark distinct Reality? He started to observe the surroundings now thinking if that could give him an idea of where exactly he was.. Allen He checked on his watch and the time was just 10 mins to 6 in the evening. Everything around him was white. He could see many people around him, everybody Alien. Just a minute observation was sufficient for him to know he was in a Hospital!


Yesterday: 18 hrs Earlier…


“I am not gonna shoot somebody I don’t know”… Allen said in a commanding manner to Charlie whom he met just hrs ago on a train. Charlie was little pleased with the way Allen was behaving to him. You see Charlie taking a life has never been my area of Interest. Charlie almost was amazed by the mere mention of those words. Come on Bro you do feel little upset but you need to remember that Passion is never destroyed. Its just about time everything would be alright, Let me put it this way. Have that kill and the deal shall be finished. You go home a happy man and me I will be contended. with whatever you did, I am definitely not that type of Person who finishes with a Happy ending.


Killing is an art which never grows Old, said my master once Allen. Of all you need to focus on the guy now your subject your main opponent. His name is Peter and he shall be coming by this route tomorrow morning at exactly the same time.  After he finishes his morning work he takes this route to go see his lawyer everyday. Allen just asked out of curiosity. But why a Lawyer? Well my sources close to him says his relationship with his wife has never been nice. Always fighting and he’s sure his wife is cheating on him. So you have your chances when he cross the Ring Road as its always empty and your chances of killing him and running away increases to One- Hundred Percentage. You kill him and come to me I shall be waiting for you in the place where we are standing right now. The Ritchie Street and we shall set the deal which was promised to you. Allen was convinced in the plan which was said to him and he knew he would hit the Jackpot once the work is finished. And all he had to do now was stay calm and finish this one Job which was his doorway to life. He knew this night would be the longest in his life.