End Of Night

Walking along the pavement, listening to each other,

we will not sleep tonight, just for the joy of insomnia.

The end of night will be tougher, but we will spend the time

talking to each other, being honest and welcoming the sun.

There will be moments when we will be silent for most of the time,

but wait for me while I write you a poetry and dance in the kitchen,

boiling eggs, making bad rotis and looking for late night take away,

there wont be any dull moment, till we approach the end of night.

Love will keep us awake, love will fill the corners of our room,

the hours will be quite after our passion collides, our world will close,

when the world outside wakes up to mundane activities and rush,

the first train passes outside, while we celebrate the end of night.


Hey There Lonely Girl

I imagine you,

in your dim lit bedroom, crying alone,

just a moment before you go to sleep,

and I wish, I can be with you that time,

to wipe your tears and offer you my time.


Our universe collided when you were lost,

in a hopeless world, trying to find something,

in one hopeless moment, we found each other,

to trust and talk and maybe sing a few songs.


I wish I could move the clouds away from you,

and offer you bright sunshine that will last forever,

but you loved storms and snowfall on the rooftops,

and your love for madness ruined me forever.


Hey There Lonely Girl is a beautiful song by Eddie Holman.

Sand In My Shoes

How beautiful the earth is, when I look from here

the blue ocean stretching as far as I can see.

The million fishes in the water singing their happy song,

the golden sunset starting to spread its magic on Earth.


There are people running around me, with music plugged,

the last time I was here, i broke my leg while singing a song.

And today, the weather has been pleasant and sunny,

while I convince to finish my contract with winter in my heart.


There are two girls, holding their hands and sharing a joint,

the smoke fills the air around them, while they sit on a cliff,

One holds the hands of another, promising to fall together if they,

The love in these cliffs is magical beyond explanations.


I continue my trail, looking at the beach and the city in front,

there’a T joint and I sit by the bench, quenching my thirst

If i can just sit here, contemplate my decision, for I am lost

and I can just grow old while I still wait to decide my path.


It will soon be night, the million fishes will go to sleep together,

The sky will be dark and the sunset will be on my Instagram,

The lovers would have left, their moment belonging to horizon,

and the beautiful trail will stay here, while I follow another path.


Sand In My Shoes is also a song by Dido and is one of my favourite track.

Winter Wonderland

I admire the snow mountains,

where my heart skips a beat,

And the valley is as quiet as a mirror

of beautiful, beautiful glass.


I wake up and look outside,

There are no birds and its foggy,

I am now dressed in a tight jacket,

of dark red.


When I walk in the white forest,

My feet on the snow are bare,

Cold winds kiss my cheeks, eyes closed,

there are no foxes in this forest.


At night I open my single malt,

And stand on the cliff, looking at valley,

And i toast to this beautiful night sky,

looking at the northern lights.


It was the last night of that wicked March,

a month that only brought miseries for Jane.

Of broken relationships and evil crimes,

Jane had lost everything that she owned.


Jane was now afraid of the familiar darkness,

her life, unstable, her dreams, collapsed.

Yet, Jane found hope in a glass of wine,

and every little pieces of shattered bottle.


“The world is evil and bad” they said.

“But I’ll overcome the bad” Jane believed.

And here Jane was, waiting for the ship

that will take her anywhere but away from here.


Jane will not tell you of how we met, on this ship

and, I was asked to take an oath, to hide our story.

The land was far away and Jane was there by my side,

with her glass of Champagne and water all around us.


Jane is not sad anymore and Jane will not weep,

Jane will put darkest of her memories to sleep.

Our weekend getaway is just coming to an end,

“Let us sail the earth, just you and me” Jane said.

Hyde Park

It’s been raining all day long and I hate that its depressing,

the dull black clouds in the sky and phone with low battery.

I am sitting in Hyde Park, since morning, waiting for you,

to come and take me home so I can sleep in warmth and peace.


Today, I saw someone holding a placard with Free Hugs written,

and I hugged him without giving a care to smile for a while.

Moments later, I am now sitting in the Hyde Park, clueless,

trying to hold little pieces of what I really miss right now.


Sitting on the bench, while the cloud gives way to a blue sky,

I am waiting in the wind, while the sun kisses the trees.

I am sitting in the Hyde Park, near the path that goes two ways,

I want to change a little thing about my past and move on.


The goodbyes of the past shall stay in that moment, frozen,

where I can go back and give a hug to the memories of the warmth.

But today, I sit in the Hyde Park, hold these memories and cry,

for I know things are lost and broken beyond repair.


It’s like you brought me here, and we sat on swings taking turns,

We talked for hours and then enjoyed the silence of the breeze.

Oh today, the Hyde park is beautiful with the first sunlight of winter,

and yet, the bench is empty, with me and my songs playing in mind.


Things will never change, for things are meant to stay the way they are,

and yet, I know I’ll handle this, for life is about to change in a way.

The Hyde Park, will tell my story to birds, that will carry my message,

to a familiar place, to tell how I miss you in a winter wonderland.



quickly as I can,

to reach a place,

or to reach a moment.

I want to walk straight,

without showing that I am drunk,

wine in my belly,

and the pain of your absence in my heart.

If only, you can hold me,

hug me tight so my bones would crush,

in the filled silence as people walk silently,

while this sick planet spins.