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In Remembrance…

It was a gruesome tragedy an year ago
which brought grief and sadness in the house
The tragedy like a lightning struck in its gruesome form
which damaged the roots of everyone connected.
There was a huge thunder louder than I ever heard
A little uneasiness in my heart for i cried like never before
A separation, A loss which like the fall of a weathered leaf
A million smiled dead, A trillion sorrow has woken.
The skies were suddenly grey which was blue yesterday
I wonder looking up imagining a witty quote on this change
You were unaware of what I wanted you to say
You were unaware how many hearts died that day
Now in the lonesome corner of my heart is a hole
Drenched in grief of sadness, withered like a weak tree
Unable to trace the beauty of yesterday, in the confusions
where the days were happier and filled with laughters and smile
My face now fades hiding in the loneliness of our house
The voices inside me cries while my face stays still
When I meet the sorrow I wonder the source it came from
If it weighs like mine or has an easier size.
Yes in remembrance to the smiles of those hundreds
In remembrance of the good deeds of past that defined you
In remembrance of lives you touched in your journey which ended
I compose these lines for you in a dim oil of a dark forgotten night.