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New Year…

The air outside my window is cold and unchanged,
The scars on my heart are fresh and unaltered,
The people in this place are disappointing and same,
Everything around Me is same, I am still the same.
May be I am addicted to this constant pain,
The pain that makes me believe that I live in a real world,
Today I am sick of crying and tired of trying,
The feeling that makes me believe that I am dying everyday.
So today is a new year, an year which will promise laughter
and then will quickly slide into an ocean of sadness.
So today is a new year, an year which has 365 blank pages
and I only hope there are more pages of smile and happiness..

The Split

                                                  THE SPLIT TRILOGY
                                               PART 1: AND THEY SPLIT
His world was colliding while he chased her with saddened eyes
He knew he lost her love, but one desperate attempt to revive emotions
He called out her name and there she stood in still waiting for him to speak
And he out of all normal questions asked her “Where are you going”?
He saw her eyes moist with a trace of tear in her eyes and sadness in speech
She said that the place where she goes now entirely depends on him now
A minute of silence enveloped around them while he thought of possible answers
And then he saw her opening the door in sadness and departing from their home
Like a desperate child he came running to her for one final talk before they split
He heard only anger in her voice when she yelled back at him, “WHAT”?
In moment confusion he replied back with the obvious answer “You Know”
And he heard a reply he feared would signal the end of talk “No, I Don’t”
He slept alone that night in a house the two of them called their own
He opened his eyes unable to sleep and looked to her picture on his left
Million memories danced in front of him when he touched her framed picture
And in that moment of sadness he threw her picture away trying to forget her
He thought of those unwritten letters he should have written to make her smile
He slept that night where she came in his dream and they danced together again
He woke up next morning and he stared at the empty bed on his right
He was alone, sad and dejected with a regret of losing the only one he loved.
She hurried through the steps in anger for she knew she was broken apart
She wanted to leave this house but she wished he would make one attempt 
She heard her name and turned around with hope that everything will be alright
And she heard the insane question anybody could ask, “Where are you going”?
She saw him breathing heavily as if he ran a thousand steps just to ask this
He stood there waiting for her answer to which she said “Its up to you”
A minute of silence enveloped around them while she waited for the answer
She began to walk away knowing this time for sure that she is not coming back.
She braved the winter cold walking hiding her tears only to control herself
She saw him hurriedly running towards her and she yelled in anger “WHAT”?
She waited again for him to speak anything at all  to which he said “You Know”
And the only possible answer she could have said only to ignore was “No, I Don’t”
She slept alone that night in her house long forsaken to move in with her love
She opened her eyes unable to sleep and looked to his picture on her right
Million emotions tried to capture her heart when she touched his frame picture
And in that moment of anger she threw his picture away trying to forget him.
 She thought innumerable sufferings her heart bore to make him happy
She slept that night where he came in her dream and they danced together again
She woke up next morning and she stared at the empty bed on her left
She was alone, sad and angry for she gave all her heart and lost.   
                                   PART 2: WHILE THEY SPLIT…
The sun was high, waiting for my dream to end
A dreamland where words rest and memories play.
The dream was dark yet her image in it was bright
Glowing with the imagination of her dark sultry memories
Embedded deep into the darkest corner of my heart
was a memory beating hard and keeping me alive
Turning the burnt pages of my past was a present
which would strangely be my most haunting memory ever
Lets sail to the end of the sea O love for the last time
Holding hands, exchanging hugs and kissing wild
Lets burn the worldly desires in the earth so deep
and freeze in the coldness of the love that shattered it.
The Sun is high, the dream is empty and my sleep is over
lying in my room throughout that harsh month of loneliness
her fragrance is everywhere embedded deep into my soul
How I wish I erased an entire tale of those memories within me.
A month has gone and those two glass of wine lies in dust
A tale has finished and the memories of it can’t be deleted
She left me only to never return to the place we called our own
And I followed her on a solitary journey to the lands of unknown.
Lonely nights are often spent in company of memories
The time gone has welted my heart from red to grey
Unable to believe it was a lie when he said He’d love forever
Penitence Of broken promises that never should have been made
Those false words cuts more deeper than a knife would
It produces an ache so deep that you cant reach
Your love was like a sad song, which I will take to my grave
I am searching for peace, which is too hard to find.
The storm that’s unsettled blows sands of sorrow into my eye
With a desperate attempt to make me cry, I close my eyes
I now pray for the rain that would hide all traces of pain
And wait for this storm to pass to carry all memories along
I used to say cute words but now I weigh each of my word
This depression is a parasite, which eats away my consciousness
For how deep I bury myself, there is no cure by alcohol
I fill those silent places with music now and lit candles for company
A month has gone and now this heart is sync with the snow outside
A tale has ended and there is a little hope that I would live again
I still dreams of going to the place we called our own
And there is hope that I would see him again in the land of snow.
                                     PART 3: WHEN THEY MET
 Beating the cold winds from the snows of distant mountains
I visualised the sun peeping and shining on those peaks
And there will be warmth even when coldness stays there
I run to catch that final train where I’ll see her again
I know I have crossed the wrong bridges and wrong paths
And I have never been happy to be wrong in my life
For the times and troubles have taken us on a ride
Where our hearts were tired and exhausted to run again
Tears drop down as I stare at the blank pages of book
As here I was travelling to her home to win her back
She broke my heart but her love still fills my soul
Teaching me only to love again and never to break her.
Leafless pine trees are covered with a blanket of white snow
There’s a sparkle in my eye and a smile which I cannot hide
I raise my hands to knock on that door where you reside
As you open the door there is a silence mocking us both.
The storm in my mind is silent now when I see her after long time
I say to her “Lets forget the indifferences and become US again”
She still has that little tear in a corner of her eye while she nods
The bridge that he built is now burnt for she has crossed into her life
We embrace our love and as I ask her “Are you hurt”?
She replies with a smile “There’s nothing a kiss cant fix”
The touch of your lips is heaven, moment frozen in time forever
I am captured in your embrace, your eyes captures my soul.
Solitary has captured me, slaved me with chains of pain
Love in me is lost, like a sun in the middle of dark clouds
Today I wish that I can see him for one time, one last time
To make him understand that life is a pain without love.
The leaves have withered from trees, like happiness from my life
And yet I know they will blossom again, like love in my life
The coldness is cruel and so is the life for taking love away
And summers shall bring back life to the trees and I shall wait.
You should have come earlier, you should have come soon
What is stopping you to come running to me to win me back again
I am broken here, each part of my flesh waiting for your touch
This separation kills me and I know it was a mistake running away.
Today the sun is high and there is a warmness in the snow 
The valley is sparkling with happiness of the chirping birds
There’s a knock and I can only be sure that you it would be
And a stunning silence engulfs around me when I see you.
Pools of joy fills my eyes, tears stream as I welcomes him
He says “Lets forget the indifferences and become US again”
Like he has broken into my mind and stole the question
With a tear in the corner of my eye I frantically nods in happiness.
Just when I thought the love is gone he came again
As one last flimsy thread was drawn, hope has found its way back
Love that has eluded me more and more 
had alas flew back into my life yet again with happiness.

Let me Sail Away…

As I sail through scintillating waves
watching the early summer sunrise
A gentle breeze crosses my face
While a ray of sun peeps out of darkness
I steer my ship to a land not far away
While I enjoy the silence of this gentle pace
I spot an island and harbours my ship
where serenity romances with nature
Cold winds now begin to flow towards west
And a yellow yolk rises behind the hills
A sunshine falls gently on my face only to
Bring me inspiration to  place I know my own.
I miss the tenderness of the touch of my love
Those compassionate nights now spent in loneliness
Those merciful looks for not remembering our anniversary
Those sweet talks that bought rain to my heart
I sit below a tree on a shore while my mind drifts
To those lands where the love of my life resides
I know it will only be few days before I can see her
Embrace her to announce in silence the love for her
The morning ambience is now bright and shining
The Sun is high and the sea is calm to sail away
I don’t want to let my melancholy spoil this journey 
Because O Sun, You just started my day in happiness.

For some peculiar reasons An image of a sailor sailing on a lonely ocean answers most of my questions than any scenario I can think of. This Post was a written as a 31 Days, 31 Poetry on OctPoWriMo 2013. Todays topic on writing was “Being Gentle” and my post is about how gentleness of nature inspires the journey of a Sailor travelling to meet his love.

Hidden Beauty

The day started when I acknowledged my failed quest
of unlocking mysteries that answers my questions
There is a poetry hidden in every step of my path
Waiting to be walked on, waiting to be heard.
While the sun hides behind a layer of dark clouds
Storing those magical waters to give it back to this earth
There is a poetry hidden in those tiny drops of rain
Waiting to touch the soil, waiting to dance to the joy
The moon shines brightly yet the clouds cover its beauty
Only to reveal it for a quick time and again disappear
There is a poetry hidden in those large lapse of darkness
Waiting to be consumed, waiting to be walked with hope
The Sun rises again and yesterdays story is hidden untold
The quest is over but my journey is still incomplete
There is a poetry hidden in those melancholic tales of despair
Waiting for my struggle to end, waiting to be finally home.

Written for the day 2 challenge of OctPoWriMo 2013 . The theme of todays post was finding those unusual places where you find poetry. While I think its the simple things from nature that can inspire any heart to weave a poetry out of the words. Another day where I have been able to write for OctPoWriMo. I only hope I finish this month with 31 Posts. And until then Happy reading.

Of October Love and Summer Heat…

The day was bright which promised a great return
My life at last is beginning to take a good sharp turn
I wait in the park for the arrival of a person whom I yearn
For in this life and the next, she is my only hope of happiness.
The Autumn is set and there is a sweet chillness in the air
The leaves create a magical tapestry on the carpet of fading summer
The warmth of the sun are blanket for the soul that fears winter cold 
The unopened pages of a book hides a crushed leaf of beautiful memories.
The rains of yesterdays have washed away all the pains of today
And I only hope this sunshine lasts at least till the end of the fall
For I sit in this park and write a sonnet to tell a tale to this world
Of the moment we danced to happiness in that summer heat we first met. 
She was lost in a sea of faces waiting eagerly to be found amidst all chaos
While I trapped her beauty in my vision and hence the two hearts met.
The mysterious signs from nature suggests happiness in each passing wind
This sweet october winds carries the sonnets composed in her impatient wait.

Written for the Day 1 Post for  OctPoWriMo Poetry writing challenge 2013.

The theme for today’s post was to describe ourselves in the midst of an Autumn Setting. Well october forever has been the month of love for me and here I am taking an instance of the thoughts I had when I think of my beautiful past. A memory hence ensures stays alive through this post, Forever.