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A poetry has risen in my heart.
It’s lines are settled on my lips,
An ink carries it through my soul,
The words are ready to dance on paper.

My poetry is just your name written on a paper
A paper, that was blank before.
My mind tells me secretly,
this poem is my masterpiece.

That paper will be burnt someday,
the ashes will scatter in this summer heat.
Reminding this silly paper of a reality,
You like my heart will be burnt.

I am the embers of a dying fire.
Slowly fading away to nothingness,
My body is burnt in the chambers of affection.
and now I am just an ashtray in your heart.


The Voice

Some voices are forgotten with time
Some voices are lost in the ocean of people
Some voices become silent with their absence
Some voices just die when the person leaves…
Then there are voices, voices as dear as people
That voice echoes in the valley of my empty heart
That voice are a melancholic cry to come and meet
That voice stitches the void that once resided within me
That voice showers a tropical rain in my barren mind
That voice stirs up a magical influence on my actions
That voice chains me when it sings a beautiful melody
That voice breaks me and I am transformed to a better person
That voice, Ah! The beauty of the voice is nothing short of magic.
As I sit by my window staring at the starlit sky
Your voice travels in every breeze,
The leaves on the trees are falling
while the breeze romances with my cheeks.
Some voices enter our lives randomly
Some voices induces love into our heart
Some voices are just silent whispers while,
Some voices are just love.

While the heart sings and the mind ignores

When I looked into my heart
it beats with the feeling of getting hurt
When I looked into my heart
Passion & emotions wrinkle in it as an Art

When I looked into my Mind
the vision in me almost got me blind
When i looked into my Mind
I clearly see the benefits of being kind

When I looked into my heart
the love in us have drifted miles apart
when I looked into my heart
It yearns to forget and have a fresh start

When I looked into my mind
I see the temple of love destroyed by wind
When I looked into my mind
I see the world has already left me behind

The month of May as my Heart Say
Kindles the broken dreams which floats on bay
The month of May as my Mind believe
Stitches those little fragments of love as I grieve