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The Bench with a View

thumb_IMG_6484_1024 2On a cold winter afternoon,
I put on my hiking shoes,
and catch a train to the place,
where ocean meets the cliffs.

I’ll never be tired,
of finding beautiful spots,
that smells of solitude and poetry,
where life is a smiling thing.

I see ships sailing in the horizon,
tides delivering kisses from land,
their memories brushed by breeze,
loved ones who are out of reach.

I watch the birds flying above me,
the sunlight nipping my scalp,
book in my hand and thoughts in head,
the birds drifting alone in the open air.

The vast blue ocean reminds me,
of your presence in the world,
the path to you is now hidden,
in the depth of your eyes.

I know that nothing can be changed,
that past is the bridge to nowhere,
I should have written a letter,
explaining my empty hopeless feeling.

Today, even when you are gone,
the light of your presence still remains,
I am hopeful of tomorrow,
when we will meet and share a silly joke.

This spot is my comfort zone,
A dot looms in the distance,
I put my headphones on,
and watch this world pass by.


Hyde Park

It’s been raining all day long and I hate that its depressing,

the dull black clouds in the sky and phone with low battery.

I am sitting in Hyde Park, since morning, waiting for you,

to come and take me home so I can sleep in warmth and peace.


Today, I saw someone holding a placard with Free Hugs written,

and I hugged him without giving a care to smile for a while.

Moments later, I am now sitting in the Hyde Park, clueless,

trying to hold little pieces of what I really miss right now.


Sitting on the bench, while the cloud gives way to a blue sky,

I am waiting in the wind, while the sun kisses the trees.

I am sitting in the Hyde Park, near the path that goes two ways,

I want to change a little thing about my past and move on.


The goodbyes of the past shall stay in that moment, frozen,

where I can go back and give a hug to the memories of the warmth.

But today, I sit in the Hyde Park, hold these memories and cry,

for I know things are lost and broken beyond repair.


It’s like you brought me here, and we sat on swings taking turns,

We talked for hours and then enjoyed the silence of the breeze.

Oh today, the Hyde park is beautiful with the first sunlight of winter,

and yet, the bench is empty, with me and my songs playing in mind.


Things will never change, for things are meant to stay the way they are,

and yet, I know I’ll handle this, for life is about to change in a way.

The Hyde Park, will tell my story to birds, that will carry my message,

to a familiar place, to tell how I miss you in a winter wonderland.


Little drops of rain fell from the heaven on a strange cold midnight

Little creatures crawl near the damaged crops while working their magic

Its a strange night where the dead has risen from a long sleep

to repair the lives of their loved ones who still cling to their memories.


Here I am, holding a cigarette in temptation to smoke again

If only that way I can feel your nicotine dipped lips

There is a half empty bottle of whiskey in my Jacket and I want to drink it

to feel your whiskey tongue which knew me better than my mirror.


The lust when you smoked with me for the first time in that February cold

And you took a drag, waiting to feel the heat while we held each others hand.

Times when you only drank whiskey when you were lost and sad and angry

And yet we finished a half bottle of Jack, neat, naked, in that February cold.


<Metaphysics> You are running away from life, and I am running away from death

and slowly someday our paths will collide and we will meet again

in another universe, in some other dimension where there won’t be any logic

time will freeze, and we will smoke and finish that half bottle of jack </metaphysics>


I am dead and you are sad and whiskey is your only companion tonight.

The grave digger rings a bell, commanding the dead to return back to sleep

I gather your scattered thoughts and try to compose you into something coherent

I am staring at your naked body from the broken window while little creatures crawl.


Haunting Loneliness and those Killing Memories

Haunting Loneliness and those Killing Memories

The sun was high, waiting for my dream to end
A dreamland where words rest and memories play.
The dream was dark yet her image in it was bright
Glowing with the imagination of her dark sultry memories
Embedded deep into the darkest corner of my heart
was a memory beating hard and keeping me alive
Turning the burnt pages of my past was a present
which would strangely be my most haunting memory ever
Lets sail to the end of the sea O love for the last time
Holding hands, exchanging hugs and kissing wild
Lets burn the worldly desires in the earth so deep
and freeze in the coldness of the love that shattered it.
The Sun is high, the dream is empty and my sleep is over
lying in my room throughout that harsh month of loneliness
her fragrance is everywhere embedded deep into my soul
How I wish I erased an entire tale of those memories within me.
A month has gone and those two glass of wine lies in dust
A tale has finished and the memories of it can’t be deleted
She left me only to never return to the place we called our own
And I followed her on a solitary journey to the lands of unknown.