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While the heart sings and the mind ignores

When I looked into my heart
it beats with the feeling of getting hurt
When I looked into my heart
Passion & emotions wrinkle in it as an Art

When I looked into my Mind
the vision in me almost got me blind
When i looked into my Mind
I clearly see the benefits of being kind

When I looked into my heart
the love in us have drifted miles apart
when I looked into my heart
It yearns to forget and have a fresh start

When I looked into my mind
I see the temple of love destroyed by wind
When I looked into my mind
I see the world has already left me behind

The month of May as my Heart Say
Kindles the broken dreams which floats on bay
The month of May as my Mind believe
Stitches those little fragments of love as I grieve



A Fresh Start

I stayed awake welcoming the year
With an open Arms and Gloomy eyes
Counting for the year which promised
Long Health and short pains
Yet the Year began with an Hangover
Where there was no regret of yesterday
The previous night was a celebration of Victory
Of survival, of new friends and new Place
The days here were Long and Hot
The winds here were Strong and Fierce
The lights here were dark and Gloomy
The people here were amazing and Good
We went to the beaches of Atlantic
Where fun and anxiety stayed at bay
We drank our hearts out that day
We cheered to friendship and companionship
Yet it was the first month of the Year
It was the beginning of a new start
How i was wrong when i Said
It promised Long health and Short pains.

O Potato! Where art thou been?

I can find a clue to the Monday blues
Or I could just paint & faint
I could ring the bell to tell
nothing rhymes with potato
The fall the ball
the flash of volcanic ash
The Sun, the burn, and the fun
nothing rhymes with potato
I could write about the journey of my life
I could think of other man’s wife
I could even compose a song for the knife
yet nothing rhymes with potato
There is a bake to the cake
the blow to the show
A lazy to the Crazy but
nothing rhymes with Potato
And then I see a Tomato
Shiny, red and Fresh
I am happy that finally
something rhymes with the Potato!

The Pursuit

There are stuffs we do,
Only to mock us;
There are Games we play,
Only to hurt us.
We love with passion & intensity,
& we hate the same way.
We laugh till the eyes are in tears,
& cry with Sadness the same way.
We travel far in pursuit of knowledge,
& yet we are ignorant in a way.
These are the things we do,
to be happy in our lives.
These are the way we fight,
to be good to ourselves

When I was a little clueless on what to submit for today’s post I came back to one of the many old posts I wrote sometime back. And so for the prompt challenge I am sharing the same post.


Of those many untold tales

There is an untold tale
Which I need to say
There are beautiful moments
Which I need to replay
There were amazing times
Which I need to rewind
There were some people
Who I wish were kind
There were things
which i needed to Change
There were Friends
Which I wish were never strange
There are memories
Which needs to be erased
There are dreams
Which needs to be chased
There were So many things
Which Is filled with regret
There are so many things
Which I now wanna complete.

I am a poet

Tonight I am a poet who communicate through symphonies
Tonight I am a poet who walk through the garden of love
Tonight I am a poet who praises Satan to enter darkness
Tonight I am a poet who isolates himself to experience the pain
Tonight I am a poet who don’t cut his hairs out of laziness
Tonight I am a poet who treks in a forest to romance nature
Tonight I am a poet who is lost in his world never to be found
Tonight I am a poet whose words rest and silence speaks.. 

When the Darkness crept In

I see darkness everywhere around me
Not a single ray of light
Not a Single person in sight
I feel numbness all around me
The room’s acting strange
There isn’t any bed, window or a secret door
No way in, No way out
The room is silent, scary & dark..
I walk around and i reach nowhere
I run around I reach nowhere
is there none to exist
in this dark space of nothingness
Darkness holds me tight
Like a lover holds his love
Darkness wraps me around
Like a blanket to keep me warm
Oh this Place is Silent
Just like a graveyard
Oh this place is silent
Even when I shout
Have I done something wrong
Did i make someone mad
Did I hurt Someone
‘Why did I deserve to be here
Will I ever see my friends again
Will I be able to say how much I love her
Will I be able to hug my pillow again
Will I ever watch those sunrise again
And then I hear her voice
There I felt her Foot Steps
But she want to avoid me
she doesn’t even want to talk to me
I want to shout to call her back
To promise not to leave her forever
I don’t want to be alone
I don’t want to live without her
And then I hear my friends
They want to tell me something
They are slowly coming in nearby
Giving a signal to make me happy
I hear Shouting “Wake Up, Wake up”
But I ain’t sleeping 
The world around me is collapsing
And I thought is the end near?
I see green leaves everywhere
The morning coffee tastes sweet
I see love, care and affection to realize
Reality is always sweeter than the dreams