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there’s a
tale I want to
tell you of my past.
Taken into the arms of my love
there was a dream which was coming true
to spend the rest of my life with the person I love
tirelessly dancing to my marriage vows
together we will live forever
travel to a new place
to a new life
to begin

An Attempt to write a shape poetry for the Day 13 challenge of OctPoWriMO. This post is written with keeping in mind that each line starts with a particular alphabet. In this case, “T”.


Hidden Beauty

The day started when I acknowledged my failed quest
of unlocking mysteries that answers my questions
There is a poetry hidden in every step of my path
Waiting to be walked on, waiting to be heard.
While the sun hides behind a layer of dark clouds
Storing those magical waters to give it back to this earth
There is a poetry hidden in those tiny drops of rain
Waiting to touch the soil, waiting to dance to the joy
The moon shines brightly yet the clouds cover its beauty
Only to reveal it for a quick time and again disappear
There is a poetry hidden in those large lapse of darkness
Waiting to be consumed, waiting to be walked with hope
The Sun rises again and yesterdays story is hidden untold
The quest is over but my journey is still incomplete
There is a poetry hidden in those melancholic tales of despair
Waiting for my struggle to end, waiting to be finally home.

Written for the day 2 challenge of OctPoWriMo 2013 . The theme of todays post was finding those unusual places where you find poetry. While I think its the simple things from nature that can inspire any heart to weave a poetry out of the words. Another day where I have been able to write for OctPoWriMo. I only hope I finish this month with 31 Posts. And until then Happy reading.