The Girl Who Loved Summer

Waiting in the car, waiting for time to stop,

losing herself in the fifth bottle of wine,

running away from the world that loved her,

into the world that’s cold and brutal.


Oversized single heart on WhatsApp,

ring that stayed on fourth finger of left hand,

staring out of the frosted window pane,

her mind was the most dangerous place to be.


A broken melody screaming on the radio,

songs that doesn’t sound the same anymore,

a pillow that brought comfort to two heads,

a bed that sang the saddest song ever.


The mysteries deepened as the night fell,

his warm embrace now haunts her even more,

their picture now sat depressed in her bag,

a broken heart now sailing in the winter storm.


the girl who loved summer now hikes in the snow,

for the land is brutal and the sun is gone,

Standing at the edge of the cliff never to fall

but rise to the clouds where moon loves her.




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