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A layer of snow hides the path
And I can’t see anything ahead.
I am travelling on a broken path
to god knows where.
I left you weeping at the door
and I didn’t come back to kiss you
I missed your presence in my lips
while a tear rolled down my eye.
I am steering along the curved paths
listening to Marley and smoking a cigarette
I see trees covered with a white blanket
While your memory covers my mind.
Winds blow and i sing a message to you
A desperate question which demands answer
Are you still in love with me?
Is it still the same or is it changing?
The car has stopped along the crossroads
Tiny little phantoms are released from sky
And I can see a cottage from the place I stand
A place where we made love for the first time.
Ferocious winds whip my face
The car won’t start and I won’t live
Things between us won’t be same now
I shattered your heart beyond repair.
Sun is setting down, and its still snowing
Lead me into direction you want me to go
May be I am lost, maybe I am not
break me into fragments and set me free.

New Year…

The air outside my window is cold and unchanged,
The scars on my heart are fresh and unaltered,
The people in this place are disappointing and same,
Everything around Me is same, I am still the same.
May be I am addicted to this constant pain,
The pain that makes me believe that I live in a real world,
Today I am sick of crying and tired of trying,
The feeling that makes me believe that I am dying everyday.
So today is a new year, an year which will promise laughter
and then will quickly slide into an ocean of sadness.
So today is a new year, an year which has 365 blank pages
and I only hope there are more pages of smile and happiness..

I am a poet

Tonight I am a poet who communicate through symphonies
Tonight I am a poet who walk through the garden of love
Tonight I am a poet who praises Satan to enter darkness
Tonight I am a poet who isolates himself to experience the pain
Tonight I am a poet who don’t cut his hairs out of laziness
Tonight I am a poet who treks in a forest to romance nature
Tonight I am a poet who is lost in his world never to be found
Tonight I am a poet whose words rest and silence speaks.. 

White Night

A million laughters are heard in a faraway land
Where love is a religion and happiness resides
Where tale of melancholies are rarely recited
Where peace and tranquillity has found its abode…
Sadly I find myself in a bed with leads fixed to my chest
With wires dangling and chaos outside my window
The readings in my ECG dance like million fireflies
flying on a tapestry of my wounded desires and wasted blood.
This heart desires to see the snow clad mountains once more
My eyes wishes to blink and shine with the same enthusiasm
My legs want to embrace the same pain I had when i first climbed
This life wishes to be the same again forgetting that its broken forever
This hospital smells of burnt desires and forgotten hopes
I only see hopeless crying heads all around me,
My soul wishes to escape into the lonely solitary path yet again
My body feels like a helpless new born unable to run in despair
The days are spent in suffering of the fall I incurred on my expedition
In total loss of words and in loving the silence all around me
I am trapped behind the walls of this prison of my own making
Waiting for the night where this soul decides to leave the suffering of the body.
Tonight the moon is the same as it was fourteen days ago
Tonight the pain is the same as it was on that full moon night
Standing on that edge of a cliff, the moon brought light to the darkened woods
And again this white night will bring rest and light to this burning darkness.