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When the Rains Come down

Hello everyone. people have been wondering and asking me why most of my posts are dark oriented. Well life’s never a happy ending times of our lives we seem to give ourselves a reality check. This is the world we live in. Dark, Lively, Happiness, Sad all forms a cycle of life.

Rains on the other hand always catches my imagination. the clouds are dark above but they bring immense Joy into people’s life. Just tried to wrote what came in mind when I see the rains coming down.

Captured on a Fine Rainy Afternoon

On a dull Monday Afternoon
the trees Starts moving violently
the breeze is almost fierce
I see the rains coming down.

I see umbrellas everywhere
people running towards shelter
but how I wish I could dance
When the rains come down.

The sky is now almost dark
the roads are almost flooded
the surroundings is getting cooler
When the rains come down.

The Seconds turn to Minutes
and the minutes to hours
how I wish the time freezes
When the rains come down.

People get matured and turn old
people live and then die untold
If somehow I could be child again

When the rains come down.

When the Darkness crept In

I see darkness everywhere around me
Not a single ray of light
Not a Single person in sight
I feel numbness all around me
The room’s acting strange
There isn’t any bed, window or a secret door
No way in, No way out
The room is silent, scary & dark..
I walk around and i reach nowhere
I run around I reach nowhere
is there none to exist
in this dark space of nothingness
Darkness holds me tight
Like a lover holds his love
Darkness wraps me around
Like a blanket to keep me warm
Oh this Place is Silent
Just like a graveyard
Oh this place is silent
Even when I shout
Have I done something wrong
Did i make someone mad
Did I hurt Someone
‘Why did I deserve to be here
Will I ever see my friends again
Will I be able to say how much I love her
Will I be able to hug my pillow again
Will I ever watch those sunrise again
And then I hear her voice
There I felt her Foot Steps
But she want to avoid me
she doesn’t even want to talk to me
I want to shout to call her back
To promise not to leave her forever
I don’t want to be alone
I don’t want to live without her
And then I hear my friends
They want to tell me something
They are slowly coming in nearby
Giving a signal to make me happy
I hear Shouting “Wake Up, Wake up”
But I ain’t sleeping 
The world around me is collapsing
And I thought is the end near?
I see green leaves everywhere
The morning coffee tastes sweet
I see love, care and affection to realize
Reality is always sweeter than the dreams 

And it Rained…

Sometimes all rain can bring to someone’s mind is A vision of relationship you had, U might have or you currently have!! Sitting by the window seeing the rains falling down and I thought Something weird, something more of a question which is not yet answered and as the rains got harder the quest to find an answer to the question becomes more easier!! yes its true sometime simple things are enough to find answers to complex Questions….

Like A rain
You are always waited
Your absence can kill me
Your Presence ignites me
Your effect has the power to destroy
Before It Rains
I eagerly await you
Just like those crops and the famine lands
And I knew you would wash away
Of all my tiredness & loneliness
When it Rains
Reminds me of those Hideouts
we look to stay away
And yet I Pray
That this rain never stops

After It rains

I know It ain’t over
I will see you soon
You leave your mark
Like the smells of the ground

Colors—The Way of Life

Colors….. What beautiful way could be to describe one’s life in Colors. A mixture of fun, excitement, denial, anger, Happiness, Sorrow! Like every painting has a meaning of its own why Cant we define a life through a splash of color. So what new am i doing here today. I just want to find out if i could just describe the way we live, the way we think, the way we exist through colors. So lets paint the canvas of this page with some rich color’s and see the way we live with it.

Source: Google


For all things that hurt me
Every lame excuse that annoy me
For all times I screamed at you
For each roses I showered on you
For each Occasion that makes me Mad
For every Parting that makes me Sad
For every sound that followed after silence
For every time I bear her nuisance
For every Article that makes me think
for those Wonderful lips where i Sink


For those countless Monday Mornings blues
For those countless Clear Mornings blues
Like the gloaming eyes of a new born child say
You were like the feeling of spring in May
For those Magical Moments we had Together
For those Lovely evenings we spent together
Times when I go to beach on a lonely day
Thinking of Happy times we spent Every day
Every time I saw you going away from me
Every time I thought You were too good for me


Every time I saw theater’s gone dark
Every time I see a person walking by
Every time I think of Papers getting Burnt
Every time I thought my heart’s getting burnt
For the sunsets we watched together
For the days we missed being together
Every Night which promised Light Quickly
Every Farewell which Promised a meeting Quickly
Like the Tower in the Sky far from sight
U held my Hand forever and ever so Tight


For the Color of your cheeks
For the Days of the weeks
For the Times we kissed
For the days we missed
For the days which were good
For every ground we stood
For the Splash of pink
For seeing her wink
For the love we had
For the Passion we had


There are at times when we feel ourselves closer to the creator (Not that I believe in him or I am an atheist). Emotions always accounts for a bigger perspective to make things easy for us. For every thing good there is an exact opposite entity created. For days there are nights, for Light there’s dark, for happiness there is sorrow, for a matter there’s an antimatter. So lets relish the wonderful moments and accept the negativity that comes our way in a positive way! Cheers to life, Cheers for the wonderful color’s we have in our life

P.S: The poetry above is not a personification of my emotions ya feelings. Any resemblance of the above poem to me is purely fictional!