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A layer of snow hides the path
And I can’t see anything ahead.
I am travelling on a broken path
to god knows where.
I left you weeping at the door
and I didn’t come back to kiss you
I missed your presence in my lips
while a tear rolled down my eye.
I am steering along the curved paths
listening to Marley and smoking a cigarette
I see trees covered with a white blanket
While your memory covers my mind.
Winds blow and i sing a message to you
A desperate question which demands answer
Are you still in love with me?
Is it still the same or is it changing?
The car has stopped along the crossroads
Tiny little phantoms are released from sky
And I can see a cottage from the place I stand
A place where we made love for the first time.
Ferocious winds whip my face
The car won’t start and I won’t live
Things between us won’t be same now
I shattered your heart beyond repair.
Sun is setting down, and its still snowing
Lead me into direction you want me to go
May be I am lost, maybe I am not
break me into fragments and set me free.

Of October Love and Summer Heat…

The day was bright which promised a great return
My life at last is beginning to take a good sharp turn
I wait in the park for the arrival of a person whom I yearn
For in this life and the next, she is my only hope of happiness.
The Autumn is set and there is a sweet chillness in the air
The leaves create a magical tapestry on the carpet of fading summer
The warmth of the sun are blanket for the soul that fears winter cold 
The unopened pages of a book hides a crushed leaf of beautiful memories.
The rains of yesterdays have washed away all the pains of today
And I only hope this sunshine lasts at least till the end of the fall
For I sit in this park and write a sonnet to tell a tale to this world
Of the moment we danced to happiness in that summer heat we first met. 
She was lost in a sea of faces waiting eagerly to be found amidst all chaos
While I trapped her beauty in my vision and hence the two hearts met.
The mysterious signs from nature suggests happiness in each passing wind
This sweet october winds carries the sonnets composed in her impatient wait.

Written for the Day 1 Post for  OctPoWriMo Poetry writing challenge 2013.

The theme for today’s post was to describe ourselves in the midst of an Autumn Setting. Well october forever has been the month of love for me and here I am taking an instance of the thoughts I had when I think of my beautiful past. A memory hence ensures stays alive through this post, Forever.