Un events de randomness

My heart is beating within,
A child is born from the ashes,
Death is capturing another heart,
Someone is buying a book from Flipkart,
Someone is editing his journal,
Someone buys a vibrator.
Someone in California makes a new smartphone,
Someone in Beijing makes a new smartphone,
Someone in Seoul makes a new smartphone,
Someone in London makes a new smartphone,
Someone else makes a new smartphone.
A Japanese school girl had her first kiss,
An afghan writer just wrote her first draft,
An Indian street kid hit a six for the first time,
A US police officer made her first arrest today,
A Nigerian lady had her first child today,
My turn signal just blinks,
The turn signal of the car in front of me blinks.
Earthquake Magnitude 1,
Earthquake Magnitude 2,
Earthquake Magnitude 3,
Earthquake Magnitude 4,
The volcanic lava erupts,
Someone in my office flushes a toilet.
A Virgo named John drinks a glass of Soda,
A Sagittarius Mary got her driving license,
An Egyptian just smokes his way near a pyramid. 
A eagle caught a bald fish from the ocean,
A Catalyst just collided two reactant molecules,
Earth is completing its rotation around the axis.
A train running at 100 kmph hit a dog and fled away,
A dog bites someone in US and ran away,
A hobbit just had his dark ale and prepares to sleep,
A Mexican just woke up from a bad hangover,
Someone got a new job and is happy,
Someone got fired and is worried about his debts.
Someone wrote a country song about cancer,
Someone is diagnosed with cancer,
Someone just died of cancer,
Someone adopted a Child,
Someone adopted a dog,
Someone got married.
An email is sent and read somewhere,
Someone broke an iPhone screen,
Someone gained a follower on twitter,
Someone picked up a fight with a stranger,
Someone unfriended someone on Facebook,
Some boss is worried about his employee’s unproductiveness,
Someone here is writing this blog post,

**I just read an article in XKCD and was inspired to write something like this.**


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